Two Dinner Party Dessert Recipes to Impress

Summer is on it’s way out, so the time is nigh for balmy evening parties. Be the hostess with the mostess and end your dinner party strong with these two highly impressive dessert recipes worthy of the stars.

Featuring purple ingredients you never thought would be in a sweet treat, and salty caramel goodness, you’ll wow even the toughest of critics thanks to Singaporean celebrity chef Janice Wong.

Try not to eat it before your guests arrive!



Cassis parfait, purple potato puree, cassis sauce, lavender marshmallows, berry sorbet 
Recipe for 25 servings


  • 500g sugar
  • 120g water
  • 250g yolks
  • 1kg puree
  • 800g cream
  • 15nos gelatin leaves


  1. Whisk up yolks until fluffy
  2. Heat Sugar and water until 119 degrees
  3. Add in the above mixture to the yolks for a pate a bombe mixture
  4. Heat puree and add bloomed gelatin to it
  5. Add gelatin puree into the cooled pate a bombe
  6. Fold with whipped cream
  7. Set in moulds and freeze


Chocolate H20



Chocolate H20, caramel mousse, salty caramel, chocolate soil, cherry yuzu sorbet
Recipe for 25 servings


  • 600g 72% Chocolate
  • 600ml Evian
  • 12g egg white powder
  • 120g egg whites


  1. Melt chocolate
  2. Heat up the water and add in the egg white powder
  3. Add in liquid egg whites into above mixture.
  4. Incorporate the whites mixture into the chocolate
  5. Blend well. Sieve mixture and pour it into a siphon
  6. Charge 2 cream chargers

Recipes by Janice at the Langham Melbourne Masterclass

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