Two Hot Tips to Beat Mondayitis

Your state of mind is the key to your health and wellbeing. Which is a big part of why you feel good when you’re on holiday, as it’s easy to keep yourself in a good mental place when you are ‘worry free’. But when it’s Monday morning, the weather is less than beaming and you have a busy schedule lined up, this can be a little challenging! Kay Wilson Energy Healer & Coach from KayWilson.Love shares her two top tips to beat Mondayitis.

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Why your mind affects your wellbeing.

From an energy perspective your body is like a circuit board, an infinitely intelligent machine constructed from energy lines that run right the way through and around you, connecting with various energy centres. When you are in a relaxed and happy place your energy is flowing easily around this network, helping you feel balanced and healthy. When you are challenged in some way, through an experience or thought that affects your feelings, your flow can falter or sometimes stop all together. This is when you can experience discomfort, pain or in some cases dis-ease.

Start first thing.

So the goal is to support your body’s natural energy flow by maintaining a calm and balanced state of mind. First thing in the morning is the best time to start this process, as you have not yet had a day full of experiences that have built up energy momentum around what feels good and what doesn’t.

Past and Future

The two top tips I recommend to help you get your mindset into a relaxed and uplifting state are focused on your past and present. Two areas where most people experience anxiety, as there is NOTHING you can do in the present to affect the outcome of either of these ‘places’, yet we spend so much time dwelling on them! These two techniques aim to create positive experiences in both these areas:

A Golden Oldie

First thing in the morning just as you wake up, or while you’re commuting, instead of playing over memories that cause you distress, cast around your mind for happy memories. Ones that only bring you joy. Close your eyes and take yourself back there as completely as you can, think about what you were wearing perhaps, and the colours or smells you remember. It might be a wedding day, a birthday, time with friends or grandparents. Whatever it is, bring it to the surface and spend time with it, filling your body with the subtle vibrations those feelings bring to the surface.


Allow yourself to indulge, your mind is your own domain, and it is a powerful tool. Use it to create dreams that you can go and experience at will. You can be and do anything you want in your minds eye, it’s yours to enjoy! You can be your own boss, have a glorious home, go on wild adventures and visit foreign lands. Yes, it may sound crazy, but doesn’t it sound fun? And THAT it was we are after, we want to shift your emotional state, allowing yourself to drift off and enjoy your imagination enabling you to lift your spirit and raise your vibration. Don’t hold back – explore , enjoy and transform your Monday morning experience.


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