Can A Facial Really Change Your Skin?

Great skin doesn’t come from diet and exercise alone. Watching what goes into your body is just as important as the products you lather on top of it.

While the skin is an extremely durable organ, daily wear and tear can leave it dehydrated and showing the signs of ageing.

As the signs of damage coincide with ageing, many women want to regain the youthful vibrancy their skin once had.

Firmer, brighter, well-hydrated skin is achievable with professional help and the right combination of products for your skin.

Every dermis is different and matching your complexion needs with complementary skincare is a careful science. Choosing the right treatment will need to be a collaboration between yourself and a trained beauty therapist.

A trip to the clinic or medi spa should be a relaxing and revitalizing experience and is the first step to achieving supple, even, glowing skin.

We teamed up with Ultraceuticals to give our readers the chance to try a premium facial treatment and start their journey to better skin health.

Depending on the individual skin needs of our participants, the following treatments were offered:

– Signature Facial
– Radiance Plus Treatment
– Vita Brasion

Ultraceuticals was founded by Dr Geoffery Heber, a cosmetic physician who saw the need for high performance cosmeceutical skincare products and treatments to be available in medi spas and clinics.  All products from this Australian brand are accredited as being 100% cruelty free and contain no harsh chemicals or fragrances.


All participants indicated that they look for treatments that can be customised to their particular skin concerns.

“I’m not particular about brands, although I do often research what is available, and source out what would best suit the outcome I desire.” Angela, K. NSW.

“I generally look for products that address my ageing concerns, particularly around the eyes and the mouth and the sun damaged caused as a child growing up on the beaches. I also like a facial to have a follow up at home care routine to maintain the benefits of the facial, so I continually activate and improve my skin.”  Sarah, E. VIC


The feeling of the treatment and enjoyable salon experience were also important to our trial team.

“The treatment felt heavenly: luxe, hydrating, smoothing and refreshed. I nearly fell asleep on the table!” Shelley, C. WA

“My skin felt fresh and clean after the treatment, the treatment itself felt very relaxing.” Rosemary, A. SA

For me the sensations gave me a sense of the ingredients at work and left my skin feeling beautifully clean with a wonderfully soft, plump and glowing texture.” Sarah, E. VIC


Noticeable brightening improvements from the treatment included:

“My skin was smoother and brighter afterwards.” Gabi, H. QLD

“My face feels quite firm and the skin is super soft. There is no dryness or flakiness, I look like I’ve had a very long beauty sleep.” Angela, K. NSW

“The facial has left my skin with a ‘glow and subtleness’ it is looking much healthier”, Rosemary, A. SA


Our readers were also impressed with the quality of therapists in the salons.

“I have booked to see Lauren again for further treatment. She took her time explaining the process and the product, and what the initial outcome would be, and she was spot on.” Angela, K. NSW

“What I loved about this treatment was the Photo Imaging so that I can track my skin improvement between treatments.

Walking in I knew very little about Ultraceuticals, except really the brand name.  However with a new confidence I can now certainly recommend Ultraceuticals as my go to for effective skin care solutions. You have a convert!” Sarah, E. VIC


After the treatments, the compliments kept coming from our readers.

“My husband said my face looked nice and that I looked well rested and relaxed.” Shelley, C. WA

“I don’t wear foundation, but some are assuming I have today. I love the visual after effects of the treatment.” Angela, K. NSW


5/5 Trial Team Participants agreed that an Ultraceuticals treatment made a visible improvement to their skin and that it brightened their complexion.


 We recommend using the Ultraceuticals B² Hydrating Serum and Protective Daily Moisturiser Range in your daily beauty routine for best results.


Ultraceuticals is available at the following salons:


Outshine Beauty & Mediaspa, QLD
3/39 James Street
Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006
Phone (07) 3252 2882

Lasertech Clinic, SA
Ground Floor, Next generation Club
War Memorial Dr
North Adelaide, SA 5006
Phone (08) 8410 7877 

Missie Coco, VIC
10 Chatham Street
Prahran VIC 3181
Phone (03) 9510 3307

The Beauty Gallery, WA
6/923 Whitfords Ave
Woodvale, WA 6026
Phone (08) 9309 5677

Heber Davis Clinic, NSW
37 Bay Street
Broadway, NSW 2007
Phone (02) 9552 6277

Find out more here


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