Spiritual Teacher Alana Fairchild on Awakening Your Soul

RESCU sat down with Alana Fairchild, a singing, dancing spiritual teacher who spreads a message of love from the divine mother in all her many faces, through unique events and her highly successful affirmation cards, books and meditation CDs.

Her positive energy and teachings have influenced many through her natural gift. By inviting others into her field of energy that is alive with the divine presence, Alana uses her talent as a vehicle for service.

alana-fairchildimage via Alana Fairchild

RESCU: Your butterfly cards reminds people through their struggles something beautiful is created, can you tell us more about that?

 Alana Fairchild: The butterfly affirmations are for people who may not have done any work on themselves. It’s the feeling that something needs to change but not really sure how to approach it. It can be triggered – like a relationship breakup, crisis at work, or when you have that moment of being jolted.

RESCU: Do you have a ‘just go with it’ mentality? It’s not a disaster?

Alana Fairchild: I’m a big believer in the dark initiations in life. Sometimes the things that you want the least happen and take you to a place that ends up being a gift. If we’re afraid of it, it’s difficult to allow the universe to help us become what we’re meant to be.

RESCU: What are some of the tips you can put into place that can help someone from feeling like they’re drowning?

Alana Fairchild: The first thing I would say is don’t panic.

The second thing is to stop and to just breathe and ask yourself if you’re getting into a momentum that isn’t helpful to you. We always have the power of choice. Just because your mind may be saying you should panic, it doesn’t mean it’s true.

RESCU: What if you are triggered into a high state of anxiety? Often people in that state can’t comprehend the basic things like taking a moment to stop and breathe.

Alana Fairchild: A lot of comes from being overwhelmed and from an overload of incoming information, stimulation wise. We don’t realise a lot of the time until many years later until you’re all of a sudden in a massive heap and mentally exhausted.

It is ultimately about prevention, living a healthy lifestyle both psychologically and emotionally. There are tools and exercises that can be practiced in the books and also through the affirmation cards – there are little things that you can do to prevent this overwhelming state.

RESCU: A lot of people say be ready to be vulnerable and open. On the other hand, you have people saying that you have to be strong, focused…a warrior. What is your take on this?

Alana Fairchild: I think it’s far more organic than being a hard person in the work place and being vulnerable in relationships. It’s definitely about trusting your instincts.

Part of that is also thinking, how can we move? When we get too stuck in a role it can create stress, and we feel like we have to be the warrior all the time.

We need a soft place to fall, and part of this is about learning how to cultivate that inside of yourself. A nurturing voice, not taking voices of fear and judgment – it takes a little while to deprogram.

If you wanted to give up smoking, you wouldn’t hang out with smokers. So it is similar in that if you want to get out the habit of fearful thinking, you have to be careful about what you take in.

RESCU: How do you work with people or how do people find out about you?

Alana Fairchild: Through websites or books that I write for. I work with them in a workshop and I also offer regular retreats.

I’m running [a workshop] in India later this year. The group’s energy is powerful because people lift each other and find a way to connect. It’s nourishing stepping into a space where there is a lot of good will; to be with people that really want the best for you in that space is affirmative.

I also do one-on-ones whereby the treatment is through guidance and mentoring. The workshop is an awakening of potential; it’s stepping into experience of a different reality.

I love to take people into an experience of space, so I use music, often dance. It’s not sitting and talking because it’s important to get your mind around something.

RESCU: How do you help people take what they’ve learnt at the workshop, and that incredible shift that they might have, and that take it with them into the world? What are the techniques once you’ve gotten it and how do you apply it?

Alana Fairchild: It’s about the small things that you do on a daily basis. So I say to everyone that I work with, without exception, talk to the universe everyday. Say in the morning, ‘Hi, it’s Alana, whoever’s listening out there, who wants to help me out today? Help me be in the truth of my journey.’ That’s it. And at night, ‘Hi, I’m signing off for the night. Thanks for this day, I’d love to wake up feeling inspired’. They take about thirty seconds each.

If you’ve been to India and come back or if you have connected with meditation before, do that for five minutes, it doesn’t have to be two or three hours a day of practice. It does need to be consistent though, and you need an anchor if you’re going to be bringing in something new into your life. That anchor needs to be physical. You want it in the physical world, where it makes changes.

RESCU: Do you have a recommendation as to what one or two things really make a difference?

Alana Fairchild: I like talking to the universe; it starts you thinking that you are working with a cooperative force, something that wants to assist you no matter your belief system, on a religious or spiritual level.

There’s a sense that you’re supposed to grow, like a caterpillar and a butterfly, it’s this sense you are meant to evolve. That’s what life does, it grows things and we’re not separate from that.

It’s spiritually uplifting and you feel more at peace, eternally, which helps you make choices that feel better for you. Life is hard enough we don’t need to make it anymore difficult.


Alana’s butterfly affirmations are available for purchase here

Video via Alana Fairchild

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