Inspirational Woman and Modernist, Dannielle Miller, Co-founder of Enlighten Education

The Wedgwood Vera Wang Elements of Style Collection is designed to appeal to a new generation of women, reflecting four distinctive styles; the Romanticist, Traditionalist, Individualist and Modernist.

In this series we speak to four inspirational Australian women – each representing one of these personalities – who share their journey, learnings and personal style.

Introducing our Modernist, Dannielle Miller, a ground-breaking educator whose leading programs help young women develop self esteem, empowerment and confidence. Dannielle is a leading media commentator and award-winning speaker who has created a modern platform that inspires and transforms the lives of young people.

Dannielle who has authored a book about gratitude, sites celebrating life’s small and major moments as key to her personal philosophy; “It’s a matter of looking back at the day you’ve had and finding moments that you want to celebrate and be thankful about.”

In partnership with Wedgwood and the Vera Wang Elements of Style Collection, we bring you Dannielle’s story and inspiration on how to harness your own style.

“Through the eyes of a Modernist, the future is now” Vera Wang

With a sense of intellect that is always implied, a Modernist adores any version of clean, open design. Always looking forward, a Modernist’s design intuition defies convention and frequently provides some rather extreme counterpoints. Like art, the Modernists’ sense of style often reveals unseen sophistication.

Watch Dannielle’s inspirational interview:

Vera Wang Wedgwood products featured are:


Image: Vera Bande Flutes and Vera Bande Tumblers

Modernist-Bande-CutleryImage: Vera Bande 16 Piece Cutlery Set and Vera Bande 15cm Bowl

Vera Bande Pattern

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Makeup: Alphie Sadsad (Bobbi Brown)
Location: All Saints Wellness Clinic, Double Bay

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