We want to RESCU you from caffeine’s grip. Six tips on cutting back on the coffee

By Chloe Schneider

You have one on your way to work and another as soon as you hit your desk. By five o’clock you’re pinging off the walls. You can’t get to sleep at night, wake up tired and the cycle starts again. Sound familiar? Here are 6 tips to cut back the caffeine addiction.

1. Try tea

If you cut down on caffeine too dramatically, your body will go into shock and start seriously craving a caffeine hit. Tea is the perfect halfway house. While a cup of coffee has 100mg of caffeine, black tea has just 40 to 50 mg and Green tea has only 20 to 30mg. Not only this but tea (especially green tea) is packed with antioxidants and you are less likely to use too much milk and sweetener.

2. Know your strengths

It is generally agreed that consuming up to 300mg per day of caffeine per day is safe. This is about three cups of coffee. However, not all coffee is created equal. That Grande latte you grab on your way to work has 150mg of caffeine while a percolated cup will have about 100mg. If you choose instant, caffeine levels are even lower. Check out how much caffeine is in each cup, you might be consuming far more than you think.

3. Stay hydrated

If you are dehydrated, you will feel lethargic and, often, tricked into feeling hungry. Both these things can leave you running to the nearest café without thinking twice. Keep water with you all day and drink it regularly, your body will thank you for it.

4. Snack Smart

That sugary snack may be damaging your energy levels as well as your waistline. Try protein rich snacks like fruit and nuts to offset the crash and burn effect. Getting energy from healthy sources means you will be less likely to slip back into your coffee addiction.

5. Think outside the box

Don’t think of it just as cutting back on caffeine, think about all the other benefits like your health, saving money and having more consistent energy levels. If you look at the big picture, you’ll see just how worthwhile this change can be and you will be more likely to succeed.

6. Try breathing techniques

When you’re super stressed and stuck inside an office all day it is easy to forget to breathe. This will quickly make you feel tired and bogged down. Take deep breaths and think about your breathing when you feel lethargic. Yoga is a great way to see how breathing really can change your moods and energy levels. Just imagine how nice it would be to rely on your breathing for energy rather than an espresso!

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