Wellness Challenge: Day 4 at the Six Senses Destination Spa in Phuket

On day four in ‘paradise’, after detoxing and energising my body, I concentrated on cleansing my mind with the help of world-famous hypnotherapist Deborah Marshall-Warren, and felt myself filled with positivity…

What’s on and in your mind?

Everybody goes through some time in their life that brings up unexpected challenges and mental obstacles. These are either dealt with at the time or go on to form the roots of future problems, emotional pain and in some cases depression and anxiety.

No matter how much you work on the body, without wellness of the mind and emotions, something very crucial is missing. For some, peace of mind comes from financial security. For others, balance and good relationships are the stuff of bliss. Hypnotherapy, despite its bad and misunderstood wrap, is one of the only ways I know to get to the bottom of things emotionally. Want to quit smoking? No technique works this quickly, painlessly and without side effects. I didn’t just read that. I quit cold turkey 3 years ago after smoking for 10 years with one just session of hypnotherapy!

Want to be less anxious or more confident when speaking to a group? Time to get rid of emotional baggage from a failed relationship? Want to eat less and drink more water? Ladies, step right up. Hypnotherapy may be the transformative kick in the butt you are looking for.

Today I went deeply where I had not gone before. Armed with a list of things to ‘repair’ or rather ‘RESCU’ in our life, I was guided through a deep relaxation technique and experienced Interactive Hypnotherapy for the most pressing group of areas we identified as key to a happier and more fulfilled life.

After a false start (did not go deep enough into the right state), I was taken back to a deep level of inner peace and suggestions and messages I put forward through the interactive process were introduced by the therapist.

The unexpected wakeful state is quite reassuring for the nervous Nellies and what can’t be questioned is the sense of energy and deep happiness I felt at the end of the session. I was grinning from ear to ear and felt like I had been given a massive boost of confidence and positivity. I am hoping that this session is as effective in planting the seeds of positive thoughts and goals into the subconscious as the session three years ago that had me stop smoking in a flash. If not, I’m still sure of the positive effects of the session as I’m still smiling. And you know what they say: Grinners are winners!

For more information on Deborah Marshall-Warren, go to her website.
Or click here to view her books on this subject.

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