Is Chocolate The Real Cause To Acne?

Just when you thought you had surpassed those horrible teenage acne years, you may not know that anyone can still get acne as an adult. Dr Ritu Gupta, Specialist Cosmetic and Medical Dermatologist shares everything you need to know about adult acne and how you can treat it.

What causes adult acne?

There can be multiple causes including a family history of acne, surge in the female hormones when you ovulate (for women), P. acnes bacteria colonising the oil glands causing the body to fight back with inflammation (redness, lumps and bumps), lining of the hair follicle not happening normally and instead forming a whitehead or blackhead which then breaks under the skin.

Unfortunately if you didn’t experience it as a teenager, often you might be prepared that you can still develop adult acne as Mum or Dad might have had the same problem.

What are the latest ways to treat?

Oil-free skin care, prescription anti-inflammatory gels, dermatological grade skin peels and extractions by dermatology nurses, Biophotonic treatments (killing the P.acnes bacteria with a gel and light – Kleresca Acne Treatment) and of course, anti-acne antibiotics, isotretinoin.

The myth about chocolate

High levels of milk can cause inflammation so – yes if you guzzle on lots of chocolate it could make things worse. Same goes for stress.


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