According To Your Face Shape, This Should Be Your 2018 Haircut

The end of the year brings the chance to make changes for a rejuvenated, fresh start – hair included. While its one thing to follow trends, it’s important to opt for hues, tones and more specifically, styles that perfectly complement your face shape.

From oblong shaped to oval, square, round and heart, read below for expert advice to take to your hairdresser to ensure 2018 is your best hair year yet – both trend wise and complimentary wise.

The tip? Oval face shapes are the ultimate goal for creating symmetry on all face

Round face shapes:

round-faceimage via pinterest

When it comes to round face shapes, opting for a side swept fringe should be your style weapon of choice. The style both softens rounder face shapes and also adds length to the face shape, creating a more oval face shape.

For longer hairstyles – a definite option for those with round face shapes – ensure to have a few chunkier pieces around the face as it opens up smaller features, rather than closing them in and hiding them.

For shorter hair styles, having a round face shape works a treat in your favour. While opting for shorter styles work their magic to your advantage, steer clear of the jawline otherwise roundness of your dace will only be enhanced.

Square face shapes:

sqaure-faceimage via pinterest

The key, for those with square face shapes, lies in the illusion of fringes or bangs as this face shape tends to be wider at the cheeks and angular around the jawline

When opting for shorter styles, an A-Shape cut works best for a square shaped face. Why? The textured ends provide angles which soften the jawline. The key with square-shaped faces is to keep the look soft, avoiding straight-across-the- end strands, as this detracts from harsh-looking angles and softens the look entirely.

Styling square shaped faces with unstructured waves or bends will soften the
overall look in the stylish way possible.

Oblong face shapes:

oblong-faceimage via pinterest

Those with oblong face shapes should opt for a layered fringe while creating an A-shape look to soften, balance and enhance features. This look will soften any strong angular feature delicately.

Those with oblong face shapes suit length in the hair with added layers around the jawline to create a symmetrical and balanced look.

Heart face shapes:

heart-faceimage via pinterest

Those with heart face shapes should opt for heart-shaped bangs – meaning, longer on the outer edges and shorter in the middle. The over-grown look is the look of the season and its upkeep blends naturally and effortlessly into the rest of the hair.

Heart shaped faces best suit medium to longer hair lengths – the key lies in texturing layers to ensure cheeks and forehead aren’t emphasized.

Long face shapes:

long-faceimage via pinterest

Longer face shapes are great for experimenting with as symmetry is on your side, keeping in mind to be strategic when highlighting the forehead region. Creating a diagonal angle on your face will help to attract focus to your eyes and central features – lips and eyes, specifically – rather than forehead of lower regions of the face.

Long face shapes should embrace longer locks and straight-across- the-ends this

So there you have it. Read up, book in and get the chop that’ll kickstart your new
year with your best hair yet.


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