What is Kahuna Massage Therapy?

Tap into a deeper level of wellbeing with a traditional Hawaiian remedy. Kahuna massage therapy is an ancient practice that has been used for its health benefits, emotional impact and deep relaxing qualities for centuries.

RESCU spoke to Kahuna specialist Gavin Hodges to find out exactly how Kahuna massage therapy can benefit your health and why this unique approach to massage is something you’ve just got to try for yourself.


RESCU: What is Kahuna massage and what are the origins?
Gavin Hodges: Kahuna massage originates from the islands of Hawaii and in the earlier days was reserved for royalty and those going through big change in their lives.
The beautiful thing about Ka Huna is that no two practitioners or treatments are ever the same. Once we (the practitioners) learn the basics we then make it our own, adding our own flavour and style, then intuitively listening to the body to where energy is needed.

RESCU: Do you customise the treatment as part of your practice?
Gavin Hodges: I incorporate Heartworks Lomi Lomi (another modality of massage from Hawaii) into my treatments. I also have crystals in the room that I use and I always call in both the clients and my own spirit guides to help guide the session.
Most importantly I use an open heart, Kahuna works with the Aloha energy. That’s what makes Kahuna massage so special and different from most other massages – the practitioners come from a place of Aloha and massage with loving intent.
Ka Huna massage can be a life changing experience for so many people, and for others, sometimes it’s just a good rub. It depends on where the person is at, how willing they are to receive and what they have got going on in their lives.

RESCU: Can you describe the technique? How gentle or deep can you go with this treatment?
Gavin Hodges: I liken my massage technique to that of the ocean, in that it flows over and under the body, pulling and pushing in long flowing strokes, it can be strong and intense when needed and also calm and nurturing, so that the body, mind and spirit can relax fully.

RESCU: What are some of the specific health and wellbeing benefits of Ka Huna?
Gavin Hodges: Kahuna can be great for:

  • Clearing out old stagnant energy and emotions
  • Muscle soreness and injury
  • Lymphatic
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Sleeping problems
  • Fertility (helps create space and realign organs through belly massage)
  • Pregnancy
  • It can be a great way to get clarity on certain direction or decision needed in your life

RESCU: Are there any people or conditions that would not be able to experience Kahuna massage safely?
Gavin Hodges: There’s only one condition needed to receive a Kahuna massage – must have a body. Everyone can receive the benefits of Kahuna massage. If all the people of the planet could receive the loving healing energy of Ka Huna massage, the world would be in a much better place.

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