What is most important to Aussie women: an International Women’s Day survey reveals all


An International Women’s Day study has revealed that for Aussie girls, there’s still no one like mum…

A national survey conducted in support of International Women’s Day, held on 8th March 2010, revealed that 1 in 2 Australian women believe their mum was the most influential person in their lives growing up, and when they start careers and have families, 1 in 5 still view their mums as a key influence in day-to-day decisions.

Commissioned by Pureste, an Australian company that creates 100% sterilised tampons, pads and panty liners, the survey highlights the relevance of the mother-daughter relationship in 2010.

In 2010, the format of mother daughter catch-ups may have changed, but the survey found women are more likely to use the internet to keep in touch than to pick up the phone or visit family and friends. Although 9 out of 10 women check Facebook, Twitter or personal emails once a day or more, only 1 in 10 will choose to spend this spare time with loved ones.

The survey by Pureste sampled over 500 Australian women’s views on life influencers and lifestyle choices. “We value women and the role they play in society and are excited to gain such an insight into Australian women’s needs and to find out what is important to them on International Women’s Day.” Pureste Co-founder and Business Development Manager, Adrienne Peele, said.

Adrienne Peele said, “Women are increasingly spending their time juggling busy careers with even busier social lives. For International Women’s Day, we wanted to slow down, and recognise what is truly important by celebrating the people who are must influential to Australian women…their mums!”

“It’s not surprising that the best way to simply ‘keep in touch’ is through social networking as it can often be quicker and more convenient for the women of today, although I make sure my three daughters and I enjoy an old fashioned face-to-face contact at least once a day.” reveals Adrienne Peele.

She’s not alone. The good news is that 70 per cent of women contacted their mums once a week or more with 1 in 3 spending quality time with their mothers every week.

More about Pureste
Pureste was developed by a group of friends who were inspired to take on the challenge when they realised that while sanitised, no tampons available in Australia were sterilised. Their project and commitment is driven by a desire to encourage female wellbeing and peace of mind.

Pureste is the first feminine hygiene company throughout Australia to produce 100% sterilised tampons, pads and pantyliners. Using the latest sterilisation technology, the sterilising process is the same that almost all medical equipment undergoes to remove every last tract of bacteria, making their products 100% bacteria free, as well as comfortable and as absorbent.

For more information about Pureste and stockists visit: www.pureste.com.au

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