What Is Sculptra?

Dr. Joseph Hkeik

Cosmetic physician

Want forever youthful and plump looking skin? One of the first signs of ageing is sagging in the face, due to a loss of fat tissue. RESCU tried out ‘Sculptra’, a skin thickening procedure that has the potential to reverse up to ten years of ageing when used in a series of treatments. Anti-Ageing expert Dr Joseph Hkeik shared his technique and tips for using this non invasive treatment for incredible results.

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Dr Joseph Hkeik: Today I’m going to do Sculptra and then I’m going to address all the areas here that you can see your skin has lost a little bit of contouring.

RESCU: What is Sculptra?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Sculptra is a poly-L-lactic acid that we inject underneath your skin and it will stimulate the cells that make collagen to make an abundant amount of collagen. You get a small amount of volume, and a tighten and lift of the skin.

So, I’m going to put a little bit in the mid face and a little bit in the buccal fat area where you can see a little bit of dipping. I will also put a small amount across the cheekbone but mostly I’m going to put it across the lower face to cause a vector of lifting towards the ears. That will give you the sharpness of the jawline and build that area around the ear.

RESCU: Can you use this product around your eyes?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: No you can’t. When you put it around the eyes, the collagen produced will leave lumps because the muscles are very thin. The product should not be injected in the muscle.

RESCU: Can you talk to me about the results, what am I going to look like today?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Today you are going to be very full in the face, fuller than what you would usually like, but in about 24 hours that water will absorb and your face will look good.

About 3 weeks after the treatment your body will start to make more collagen and that will last 3-6 months after your treatment.

RESCU: How often would you get this treatment?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Everyone’s different. It depends how much fat you’ve lost which makes you develop sagginess in the skin. The treatment is repeated every 3-6 weeks and the number of sessions depends on the results you are after.

RESCU: What is the cost?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: $750 for each vial.

RESCU: and it’s not a filler is it?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: It’s not filler, no. It’s under the category of skin thickeners. So the result is not the same as filler. You will still look like you. It is a more subtle and natural way to achieve results.

RESCU: Can you use it in conjunction with filler and botox and other injectables?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Absolutely. You can often use it in the same visit. Although, it takes experience to know where to place each product for optimum results.

RESCU: You’ve now injected my face, it took about 20 minutes.

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Firstly, because I mixed the product with local anesthetic and sterilized water for injection, your face does swell.

RESCU: It doesn’t look too bad though I look quite fresh faced!

Dr Joseph Hkeik: People like that stage of the treatment, and this is really what we can aim for if you like, the fullness takes more sessions.

After this session finished your face will flatten only temporarily, and then your face will go back to normal. People tend to love that stage as your skin looks glowing.

RESCU: Does it make your skin glow as well?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Yes, because as you produce more collagen your skin becomes tighter which makes it reflect light even better. The pores will be minimized. It’s very important to massage your face at least twice a day for about 3 minutes each time.

RESCU: It’s a firm massage you’re doing?

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Yes, you want to disperse the seeds. Massage out from the nose level or the corners of the lips all the way to yours ears and just flatten the lactic acid across the face and encourage more blood flow to the surface of the area so the reaction between the poly-L-lactic acid and the cells happens very quickly.

You don’t have any bruises because we did use the ‘Cannula’ technique for this procedure. This is the technique that I came up with about 4-5 years ago. Before we used to do it with a short needle, and maybe 100 injections per side but I like this technique better because it is socially friendly, and you can go back to work and no one will know.

RESCU: and it was remarkably easy! I feel a bit numb around my teeth and under my eyes.

Dr Joseph Hkeik: Yes that’s normal, as you’ve got a thin layer of the product across your face.


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