What Your Skin Is Telling You About Your Health

Our skin is our biggest organ, and with that, often health conditions and nutrient deficiencies can be shown on our skin. Our skin really can show us what’s going on in our bodies, and can give us all the tell-tale signs of what is going on in our bodies.

It’s really important that we eat well for healthy skin, but also that we look into what we are putting on our skin everyday too.

There are different areas on the face that show what’s going on in different areas of your body, usually called face mapping. It’s not always about break outs, but also the colour of our skin, and also the hydration status.

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The chin area, and under your bottom lip usually represents hormones, so a break out in this area during a certain time in your cycle could be indicative of some hormonal imbalances. You can get blood tests to show your hormone level.

Your forehead according to Ayurveda medicine, is related to stress, liver issues and also your gallbladder. As well as incorporating a well-rounded wholefoods regime into your life, managing stress is a big part of curing break outs on your forehead.

Breakouts and colour on the cheeks can mean a few different things, one being poor nutrient absorption. Stomach, lungs and the large intestine all are shown on different areas of our cheeks.

Naturopath and Nutritionist, Jess Blair shares some easy tips that you can incorporate into your regime to make sure you’re looking after your skin in every aspect from the inside, out.

1. Manage stress levels

Stress can be a major contributor to dull skin as well as break outs. Making sure you are recognising the stress in your life and managing it accordingly. That might be my meditating, listening to a podcast, a walk-in nature or a simple bath!

2. Dry skin brush

Dry Skin Brushing is an ancient practice that has come back into light of late. It’s a wonderful self-care practice that helps your lymphatic system as well as help to exfoliate your skin and your nervous system. All you need is a hard bristle brush, and before your shower every day (or when you remember) brush starting at your feet, up towards your heart.

3. The right kind of hydration

Make sure you’re drinking enough clean, fresh water as well as herbal teas. Sugary drinks, caffeine and alcohol can also affect how our skin looks and cause break outs.

4. Wash sheet often

Bacteria and dirt can often be found where we spend most of our time, which is in bed. Make sure you frequently wash your sheets, pillows and even wipe over your phone often to avoid the spread of dirt and bacteria.

5. Get enough beauty sleep

Our bodies and our cells need time to regenerate and rest while we’re sleeping, so getting enough sleep is vital for our skin too. Sleep deprivation and lack of quality sleep can also have a significant impact on our skins function and cause early aging.

 6. Look after your gut health

Gut health is imperative for our overall wellbeing, as well as for our skin. Limiting stressors internally and externally can help dramatically. Keeping a diary on what you’re eating, your bowel habits and your skin health will help determine what’s going on with your skin as well. Make sure you have adequate fibre in your diet and fermented foods, as they can help your gut health. Also, try staying away from processed foods.

Remember, we are all so unique and no two skin is the same, so it’s a good idea to get a professional opinion with any skin conditions. What may work for someone may not for someone else.


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