Why Couples Counselling Could Work For You

The initial idea of couples counselling could seem a world away from any problems you’re currently experiencing in your relationship. Let’s face it, couples counselling has a pretty bad reputation and you might have even heard from a relative or friend, stories of failed attempts. In the past it was certainly less effective, with approximately only 50% success rate, however according to the American Psychological Association, in more recent times, the success rate is more like 75%.

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Now before you go jumping online to research your viable options for couples counselling, there are some important things to consider. To find out more about whether to make or break the call when it comes to couples counselling, we spoke to Nancy Sokarno from Lysn. Nancy explains the key things to consider before booking in couples counselling.

“Each couple is different and things like timing, willingness to participate and what type of relationship you have, can affect your outcome of couples counselling. The most important thing to consider in steering towards an effective outcome is the willingness of both partners. Each person needs to be willing to initially participate in the sessions with an open mind and allow themselves to become more self aware and emotionally vulnerable. Individuals need to understand that they’re participating in couples counselling in an effort to work together, not against, each other,”

So what exactly is couples counselling and what can we expect during sessions?

“The goal of couples counselling is to establish a more secure connection. By using a systematic approach, we are able to change patterns of interaction and work towards improving mutual contentment,”

“During sessions we take the time to get to know you personally and learn to understand the dynamics of your relationship. It is important for participants to be open and honest, and be able to talk through past issues. We will go through what issues you have been experiencing, openly discuss difficult topics, analyse behavioural patterns, consider any personal discrepancies, and look at techniques that might help you improve your communication methods.”

“Our goal is always to look at ways that we can bring back the mutual love and respect each individual had for each other in the beginning. Whilst this can sometimes be a long and ongoing process, what we find is that it is extremely beneficial, not just for the relationship as a whole, but for the individuals.”

If you and your partner are struggling in your relationship it could be time to consider whether couples counselling might be for you. Whilst many people are still sceptical and are likely to approach their first session with apprehension, if you are having problems and are not willing to give it up on your relationship, it sounds like couples counselling could certainly be a viable option for you.


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