You’ll Lose Weight Faster Training This Way

They say those who train together, stay together… well, we’re not too sure about that, but what we do know is that those who train together get a whole lot more out of their workouts. We’re talkin’ constant support, better (and quicker!) results, a healthy relationship with exercise and no more feeling lonely at the gym.

Founders of KICGIRLS, Steph Claire Smith and Laura Henshaw share their top 6 reasons why they love having a fit buddy and think you will too.

1. Competitive streak

Trust us, you’re gonna get more out of your sesh with a fit buddy. There’s just something about working out in twos that brings out your competitive side! You watch, you’ll be pushing harder, sweating more and upping each other’s ante in true fit buddy style.

 2. Accountability for two, please

Having someone to hold you accountable (and vice versa) doesn’t just mean extra motivation to stick to your goals, it’s also a great way to help one another make healthy choices when you’re out and about socially. Plus, you’re not so likely to bail on your bestie at the gym as you are to scratch out your plans alone – somehow the same excuses just don’t fly.

3. Fun, fun, for everyone

Let’s be honest, hearing the weekend goss from your bestie is far more exciting than the sound of gym equipment. When you have a fit buddy, your workouts go from being a chore to basically just hanging out. Now that doesn’t seem so bad, does it? Watch as your whole attitude toward exercise transforms.

4. 2 x energy

Socialising has a natural way of motivating and energising us. Whenever we’re with our friends we feel on top of the world! And it’s no different when we hit the gym or smash out one of our KIC workouts together. Our mood’s up, our energy levels are bursting and most of all, we’re totally distracted from the pain in our glutes after 3 sets of weighted squats.

5. Shake up your catch-up!

Don’t get us wrong, catching up for coffee is one of our fave things to do too, but there’s only so much caffeine we can handle! Smashing out a workout together or going for a power walk is always an awesome excuse for a catch up.

6. Something new

Let us paint you a picture: You’re a boxing gal, you live and breathe it. Running? Nope, not for you! But your fit buddy comes along and insists that you give it a crack (she’s a gun at it). She finally motivates you to join her on a morning jog (even if you’re really just going along for the chats). She starts giving you all her hot tips and suddenly, with a mate by your side, running doesn’t seem so daunting anymore. Now you’re smashing your PB’s and dreaming of the wind in your hair.

True story! Ours, actually. This has been our favourite thing about being each other’s fit buddies. We’re always showing each other new exercises, new running tracks, sharing awesome playlists, and if we’re both new to something we get to tackle it together – win, win!


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