How to Use the Power Of Your Reflection to Your Advantage

We are often preoccupied with our physical reflection, how people perceive us through the way we dress or behave. But the reflection of your energy is a far more powerful concept to be aware of, as it gives you absolute clarity around what is going on within you, mentally and emotionally. And if you choose to, you can use it as a tool to enrich and empower yourself on many levels. Kay Wilson Energy Healer & Coach from KayWilson.Love shares why your reflection is so powerful and how you can use this to your advantage.

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How your energy reflection works

Everyone around you is an energetic reflection of who you are, there is an expression ‘like attracts like’ and this is where it originates. If you take a moment to consider the people in your life you may see this correlation. Equally, you may think of someone you don’t really like very much and can’t understand how you could possibly have attracted him or her, as you are not remotely alike. But this may be because they represent part of you that you do not like; this is referred to as your ‘dark’ or ‘shadow’ side.

The beauty of your dark side

Your dark side is a beautiful, rich tapestry of all those parts of you that you prefer to keep hidden from public view. This is because at some point in time they have caused you pain or shame in some way and you have subconsciously decided to ‘look the other way’. Your dark side gets a hard rap for this reason but the truth is your dark side is the most fertile part of you for growth. It is when you shed light on those parts of you that you prefer to avoid, that you start to make real beneficial changes in your life. Which is why the reflection presented in the people that surround you is so valuable – particularly the people you don’t like.

How reflection can manifest in the work place

During my time in corporate one of the Teams I managed had three individuals each with different qualities. One of them had a lot to learn but was admirably determined yet needed a lot of reassurance, the second one was very organised but would be defensive to new ideas and advice. The last one was a great worker, smart, a high achiever and conscientious but had an occasional tendency to be a martyr. Each member of my team displayed qualities of myself. It took me a while to realise it and fully take on board that I could be defensive, occasionally a bit of a martyr and often looking for approval from my boss. But once I did realise and appreciate this I could make changes, not to my Team, but to me.

When we change our behaviour it has a knock on effect on those around us.

By acknowledging that the people around me had something to teach me I was able to change parts of myself I hadn’t even realised were blocking me and move through them. I stopped looking for approval, which meant I had to back myself more, this also helped me become less defensive, I also created boundaries and stopped “matyr-ing’ myself for the benefit of others. My team members saw this in action through the changes in my behaviour, they started to emulate it, and it resulted in a Team that became far more empowered, efficient and cohesive.

How you can look at your reflection:

1. Reflect on your circle

If you would like to understand what your reflection says about you simply think about your close circle. This could be family, friend or work related, they ALL represent different elements of who you are.

2. Make a list

Then make a list of the people in your chosen circle and think about the qualities, good and bad, they display and create two columns called: Light and Dark, under these put their relevant qualities in the two lists.

3. Get clarity on your reflection

Once you have done that remove the names of those in your circle and put your own name above both the Light and Dark columns. This should give you great insight into your true reflection.

The power of choice

Now you have a choice, you can carry on as you are – and there is no harm in that, or you can challenge yourself to see how you can make changes to these parts of you. The powerful part is owning your dark side, once you do that transformation, growth and empowerment are inevitable.


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