Winter Beauty: How To Look Warm When You’re Freezing Cold

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

It is now officially winter and even though the days can be sunny, the morning chill can be a big wake up, slap in your face when you first walk outside in the morning.
Feeling cold is not fun, the pink nose and cheeks you can get is not fun, but winter is great for makeup lasting longer and sitting that little bit better as the skin is not hot or sweaty like it can be in summer – just be careful the skin doesn’t get any dryer by keeping up the moisture!

By Michael Brown.


Someone that always gives off a warm vibe with her overall look, but especially the tones chosen in her makeup is Gisele Bundchen (pictured above).
I have a soft spot for the glamazon after doing her makeup back in 2007 in her only ever Australian Visit.
She liked the room to be at 25 degrees and the Brazilian Supermodel knew exactly what she wanted. All the tones she likes and uses have a warm look to them.

Using only warm tones or a lot of bronzer can sometimes look muddy and bulk up in areas, and can often look aged or dirty on the skin, especially if the wrong tone of bronzer is used.
What I like about Gisele’s look is that there is still a lot of light created on the face, this gives lift and brightness and the undertones of bronze create the warm glow, it doesn’t overtake her face.

Whether you are really pale or have a golden/olive complexion, everyone can look warm in winter!

My first tip is, who said we couldn’t use summer tones in winter? So many women change their look and think that only deep plus, pinks, greys etc, can be worn in winter, as they are winter colours. Of course, embrace winter, but I still always choose shades best for someone’s complexion, be summer or winter.

In winter our skin may become slighter lighter and less tan, but the main concern in winter is pink and redness showing through more on the face because of the cold chill in the air.

Never try to use a darker foundation in winter to upgrade your warm glow, it will just look wrong, muddy, dirty and two toned from neck to face. The colours you choose in other areas will give off a warm vibe, leaving the skin to glow underneath in the correct shade to skintone.


MB PRO TIP – Use a gold base highlighter on the skin to warm up complexion!
Most of us have a silver/white base highlighter to use on the high points of the face to create light. This is best applied after foundation, before bronzers/blush.

Dab small amounts on top of cheekbone, peak of brow, centre of face and cupids bow, even in the tear duct area of the eye to brighten the look.

My fave Gold or warm base highlighters are the ck one skin illuminator (RRP $35)
With three shades and two in the w

arm category, anyone get their warm on with this gem.
It can also be mixed into your foundation for an all over glow, but I prefer to use more in a spot treatment.

It is so important to have light on your face to make everything shine bright like a diamond!

Having an all matte look can be flat and dull especially using warm tones, but adding light makes everything look lifted and youthful.

Bronzer is the first product most of us grab when trying to look healthy.
Some go a little too far though…

If you are using your bronzer as an all over face glow, make sure you apply it just the same as foundation – centre of the face, outwards. This will avoid unwanted build up of color around the hair and jaw lines, something I still see around the streets – fail!

The centre of the face is where the sun will naturally hit first, so apply from this area in a sweeping outwards movement to get the best and most even glow.

Bronzer is also a dream for my clients and me as I use it as a contour also.
Because it is deeper in shade, when the correct one is chosen, and if it is matte (even better) it can create shadows on the face on areas that need a shadow – think of something you do not like on the face and if you could hide it away, you would use the bronzer.
Dark, matte shades, like a bronzer recedes areas away or pushes them back so they are not highlighted.
Because bronzer is more like a skin colour just warmer and deeper, it can still look very natural if applied correctly.

MB PRO TIP – You can always add more!!
Always use less than what you know you need, just in case the pigment catches on the skin or you accidently apply too much – very hard to remove quickly once on the skin, easier to apply more when necessary.

In winter, because our complexion can become lighter in colour and slightly more pink, do not use bright looking or really high pigment bronzers – pink based or really orange looking shades.
This may give too much colour and really show up on the face that you have used them – could be dangerous, especially if applied in dull lighting. Guerlain-bronzer

In actual fact for pale or pink skin, which is so the case in winter, the more dull and flat the bro

nzer looks in its packaging, the better! It might not inspire you to look at, but the flatness of the bronzer will be perfect to elimin

I love the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder (RRP $79) in shade 01 (Matte). Matte bronzers can be used more on the face as a face glow, contour, even an eye shadow base, whereas the shimmery ones are more for all over face and body.ate pink and not look too bright – keep everything simple and balanced ladies!

With just these two products, a gold, warm tone highlighter used in high points of the face and a matte, warm bronzer used in hollows to lift the face for shape, the skin is already looking warmer!

One thing to remember is not to use any pink tones on the eyes or lips.
No plums, no mauve and no pink lips – otherwise you will just look colder!!
Even worse, your skin looks pinker!
Only use these tones in winter if your skin is not looking cold and pink, or you have a very olive/yellow base complexion and you need a bit of colour to look fresh.


I would suggest using earthy eye shades – use the bronzer as a base shadow to shape and contour the socket and a nice uplifting gold/peach style wash on the lid and a little copper influence on the lower lash line..
Think to yourself, what would Gisele use?

I actually love the Aveda Face Accents in 173 Shimmer Shell (RRP $39.95)!
It is meant for the face as a highlighter, blush and bronzer in one, but I generally use it as a blush and eye shadow!!
Great for a quick, natural look on the eye or apple of the cheek – Channel your inner Gisele!
Three shades on the eye or one complete shade mixed together for the cheek – especially with the above bronzer contour applied under cheekbone.



Lastly, add your favorite, neutral, peach, bronze, or what is really on trend for winter is the deep brown bold lip!!
You will never look cold again with these tips and products – enjoy your winter ladies!

By Michael Brown
Twitter: @mbrown_beauty

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