5 Tips To Healthy And Glossy Hair

The cooler months can be tough – and not just on your heating bill. Our hair takes a beating
from the cold as well. These daily struggles range from hat hair ruining a good hair day, to
the cold weather pulling the moisture out – all while having to deal with frizz and split ends
as a result of the chilly weather. Believe it or not, the average person at home can fix these
Winter haircare struggles with just a few small haircare tips! Philips Haircare ambassador
and celebrity hair stylist Paloma Rose Garcia’s shares her top tips for keeping your hair
healthy and glossy below.

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1. Embracing Oils and Deep Conditioning Treatments

Condition, condition, condition! During the winter months it is important to treat your hair
once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. This will help to replenish the moisture in
your hair, which tends to get dried out from the cold Winter air and heating in your home. I
also love using hair oils (think coconut, almond, olive or rosemary oil) to help promote a
healthy scalp and nourished hair.

2. Drop Your Shower Temperature

As much as we love a hot shower during winter, boiling hot water can cause your hair to dry up quickly. In particular, hot water leaves the scalp dry, increases flakiness and makes the hair brittle and damaged. It can also cause gradual hair loss because of the damage it can do to the scalp, causing the hair follicles to weaken and hair to fall out. My tip is to shower in warm water rather than boiling hot, to protect your hair from being dry and damaged this winter.

3. Keep Your Hair Covered

Covering your hair is important during the Winter months. So, try wearing scarves or
beanies while you are outside to protect your hair from exposure to the chilly cold of the
winter. By giving hair physical protection, you will lock in and prevent split ends, breakage
and damage. Another one of my tips, is to try wearing your hair in an updo hairstyle (like a
top knot) during winter as it will help limit your hair’s exposure to the elements and dry air.

4. Avoid Wet Hair Outside

Not only is it possible to catch a cold wearing wet hair outside in colder temperatures, it is
also extremely bad for your hair. If the weather is very fresh your hair can freeze and it can
become less pliable and more vulnerable to breakage. Protect your hair with proper winter
gear and make sure it is dry before leaving the house.

5. Limit Using Heat Appliances and Chemicals

It’s important to avoid using heat appliances on a regular basis during Winter. The reason
for this is that your hair is already dry from the cold weather. Ideally, I like to try and avoid
using a hairdryer and let it dry naturally to protect my hair and avoid additional damage.
However, this can be difficult during winter especially if you are in a rush. So, if you have to
dry your hair, try to choose an iron that has good heat control. Also, I recommend setting your hairdryer on the cool mode as it is gentler on your hair.

Also do your best to avoid chemicals, such as peroxide laden colour in Winter and try a free
natural hair colour recipes instead! This will help protect your hair from looking damaged
during the cooler months.

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