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 2017 Chinese Horoscopes: Year of The Rooster

2017 is the year of the Ding You/ Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology.  The energy of the year pillar consists of Yin Fire sitting on Yin Metal. The image connected to the year pillar is glowing metal which has the capacity to forge tools and small weapons as well as finely tuned mechanics and jewellery. We celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year on 28 January, while the Solar New Year (which connects to Feng Shui and the annual energy influences affecting your home) will commence from 4 February 2017.

Fire and Metal have a difficult relationship and this is indicative of the current identity crisis/revolution/re-evaluation between religious conservatism and progressive secularization many countries are currently experiencing. Harmonising Earth is needed to help balance the clash of qi between Fire and Metal and this can be achieved via the adoption of Earth-related traits such as pragmatism, empathy, being nurturing and showing kindness to others.


If you have Rabbit in your 4 pillars chart, there is a clash of qi with the annual Rooster qi and this indicates there is change on your horizon, perhaps in relation to a relocation, change in your work environment or change connected with an important relationship. You can symbolically harmonise the clash of energy in 2017 by wearing a Dragon pendant.

Health-wise, the image of blood pumping to the heart is connected to the Ding You/Fire Rooster and it is interesting to note during the previous Fire Rooster year in 1957 a temporary artificial heart was invented by Willem Kolff, the pacemaker was invented by Clarence Lillehie and Earl Bakk.

Some people mistakenly think Yin Fire is not such a big thing in relation to fire-related issues, however they forget Yin Fire connects to the initial spark that can ignite massive fire.

During the previous Ding You/Fire Rooster year, we saw the development of the first nuclear powered submarine, the first nuclear reactor plant opened for the production of electricity in Pennsylvania, the Kyshtym disaster in the Soviet Union (which was the third biggest nuclear disaster so far), and the Windscale Fire which was the worst nuclear accident in Great Britain’s history.

Interestingly, the laser was also invented during the last Fire Rooster year by Gordon Gould.

History really does appear to repeat itself when we consider back in the previous Fire Rooster year of 1957 the US was battling similar racism issues to the present, with Martin Luther King Jr heading a nationwide resistance to racial segregation.

While the US battled with discrimination issues, Rawya Ateya became the first female parliamentarian in the Arab world as she gained a seat at the National Assembly of Egypt.

The Rooster qi in general is associated with strong will, flamboyance and organizational skill and this connected with the start of the space age and increased interest in space exploration back in the previous Fire Rooster year. It will be very interesting to see what happens in regard to space exploration and discovery in 2017.

Jupiter (planet of expansion and greater luck potential) will reside in the cardinal air sign of Libra until 10 October 2017. Jupiter’s influence here connects with the scales of justice, diplomacy, team work, new perspectives, balance, beauty, ethics, equanimity, reconciliation, compromise and partnership.

The Rooster/Libra combination of qi resonates with upholding traditional values, classical tastes, honour, impartiality, charming communications, original talent shining through, creative reasoning and expression, companionship and intellectual organisation.


The central number of the annual Luo Shu for 2017 will be the 1 White Tan Lang energy which sets a general annual theme for scholarly achievement, philosophy, literature and learning, intelligence (or lack thereof), wisdom, a focus on ways in which we learn and accumulate knowledge, issues connected with water, fluids, leaks, flooding, the kidneys, bladder, hearing and the reproductive organs.

The 1 White Tang Lang qi is a future prosperity qi however if unbalanced by dominant Earth and not properly supported with Metal element, it has the potential to stimulate depression and/or alcoholism. I’d therefore recommend placing a beautiful metallic ornament or vase with round or curved shapes in the centre of your home in 2017. If you have a hallway in the centre of your home or business, then add some gold, silver, golden yellow or shiny grey colour via artwork etc on a wall near the centre.

The areas in and around your home to avoid disturbance via renovation, cutting down trees and/or excavation in 2017 are the East and South sectors as well as the centre of the West sector. Disturbance to these locations in or around your home (including disturbance via construction next door or road works near the affected location ) can stimulate negative energy leading to problematic health and finance issues emerging for the occupants of your home.

While the East sector will contain an annual energy influence that does not like being disturbed by renovation or excavation, it will also welcome the annual 8 White Zuo Fu energy which can attract abundance opportunity if you harmonise the East sector with gentle fire element (eg a beautiful lamp that is regularly turned on, solar lights, fairy lights and/or colour from the red spectrum).

The annual 2 Black Ju Men energy will reside in the Northwest sector. This energy connects with medicine, sickness, property and frugal savings. A combination of metal element and gourds or gourd-shaped empty vases or urns can help calm and direct this energy influence into helping you with the development of a frugal budget plan for the year. Gourd-shaped simply means an object having a big belly, a narrow neck and an opening at the top. Metal element includes metallic objects, round, curved shapes and white, gold, silver, brass, bronze or shiny grey colour.

Protective metal element colour and form (including the sound of a chiming pendulum clock, a singing bowl rung daily or harmonious piano music) is also recommended in the South sector due to the presence of the annual 5 Yellow Lian Zhen energy. If you sleep or work regularly in the South sector and cannot relocate to another sector in 2017, then it can also help to add a clear bowl or jar filled with a third coarse rock salt, 6 x I-Ching coins and 2/3 water. If you have a negative inherent water star energy in the South sector, then enclose the Salt Water Remedy with a lid. Otherwise, you can keep the container unsealed. The oxidation process of the Salt Water Remedy creates a chemical reaction resulting in protective Metal element. Make sure you keep the Salt Water Remedy out of reach of curious toddlers and household pets.

The annual 3 Jade Lu Cun energy visits the West sector where it will interact with the annual Tai Sui and inherent metal qi. This interaction can stimulate potential theft and litigious issues so you will need to be extra cautious with your belongings, important documentation, your IP (Intellectual Property) and security in general in the West sector of your home and business. For some, the presence of the annual 3 Lu Cun can support individuals working in competitive sales, sports, law, dispute resolution and entertainment. The annual 3 qi is timely; however it can be difficult to harness unless you occupy this energy with plenty of competitive activity.

If you work or sleep in the West sector and you do not work in a competitive sales, sports, legal or financial field, then you can gently harmonise communication between the annual 3 Wood qi and the inherent Metal qi with some Water element (eg black, medium-dark blue colour or a beautiful image of water).

The annual 4 Green Wen Qu energy will reside in the Northeast sector. This energy will support creativity, academia and romance if you harmonise the Northeast sector with the addition of some gentle fire element (eg colour from the red spectrum and/or a decorative lamp that is regularly turned on).

The North sector is visited by the annual 6 White Wu Qu energy which connects with leadership, power and authority. This energy communicates harmoniously with the water qi of the North sector, thus making it a great location to spend time with mentors, building a strong team and working on your goals and aspirations for the coming year.

The annual 7 Red Po Jun qi will reside in the Southwest sector where it is in harmony with the inherent Earth qi. The 7 qi connects with all forms of communication and is competitive and combative by nature. In some cases when there is too much 7 qi in the affected location, or it is stimulated by the surrounding landform, you can end up with a higher probability of arguments, theft and/or injury by sharp objects affecting people who sleep and/or work regularly in the Southwest sector this year.

A lot depends on what you are actually doing in the Southwest sector this year. For example, if you work in a Southwest sector office and your work entails writing, consulting, critiquing, surgery, the media, competitive sales or working in a metaphysical field, then you can generally make good use of this annual energy influence.

The addition of a gourd or a white, gold or silver coloured empty gourd-shaped vase or urn (eg a container with a big belly, narrow neck and an opening at the top) in the Southwest sector can help calm the combative and injury-prone qi in this sector. If you sleep or work regularly in the Southwest sector (especially females) be extra cautious when driving this year and keep up with regular maintenance checks on your car.

The annual 9 Purple You Bi energy will visit the Southeast sector where it forms a harmonious relationship with the inherent Wood qi. This annual energy has a magnifying effect on the inherent energy already affecting this sector depending on the Fei Xing Natal Chart of energy flow connected to the time period of construction and compass orientation of the building.

If the inherent energy flow is harmonious, then the visiting annual 9 qi will increase the positive effects and bring joy, happiness and supportive creativity, networking and social energy to the Southeast sector. If the inherent energy contains negative earth or cutting metal, then the presence of the annual 9 can stimulate health and finance issues depending on the inherent energy combination being affected.


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