Zoe Bingley-Pullin on fighting the food fads

By Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Nutrition Expert 


There are so many food fads and diets on the market that often we get confused and overwhelmed. But are the fads you follow helping or hindering your weight loss? As the countdown to the body beautiful (and summer) approaches, RESCU’s nutritionist, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, gives a snapshot of six of the latest diets our fave celebs are spruiking.

Fads currently in fashion:

1. The CSIRO Diet is a scientific based diet. It is still a low carbohydrate diet even though it chooses to call itself a low calorie diet.

Verdict: It has a great selection of recipes, but still favours high animal protein consumption. It is a lot easier to stay on this diet because it allows you to eat out.

2. The South Beach Diet is designed by cardiologist Dr. Agatston. It has three stages in the elimination diet.

Verdict: The plan focuses on teaching us how to eliminate sugar and unhealthy food cravings, leading us to develop a liking and desire for healthy, nutritional foods.

However, items in this book are hard to find and it can be tough cutting out carbohydrates at first. Some of the recipes are also expensive and time consuming to prepare.

3. The Low GI Diet ranks foods based on the speed at which glucose is released into the blood stream. High GI foods release fast therefore triggering cravings or hunger whereas low GI food releases slowly. The aim is to eat low GI foods. However, you need to factor in the fat and protein content, i.e. Nutella is low GI but high in fat.

Verdict: It is a good diet, but you need to use common sense. If used correctly, it will help you feel more satisfied and balance sugar craving.

4. Eating For Your Body Type is a diet based on eating for a certain blood group based on what your ancestors have eaten.

Here’s a quick summary:

– Blood type A is the hunter gatherers and is more of a vegetarian diet.

– Blood type O are meat eaters.

– Blood type B are nomads and have more of a variety of foods.

Verdict: You may be cutting out foods and foods groups, which may mean you’re not getting the daily requirements of vitamin and minerals.

5. Perricone Diet is an anti-wrinkle diet rather than a weight loss diet. It is based on the fact that certain foods cause inflammation and water retention. The diet is all about reducing saturated fats, refined sugars, high GI foods and increasing protein.

Verdict: The downfall for this diet is the expensive foods, such as wild salmon, and you are also recommended to take a large range of supplements. The beneficial aspects are that it focuses less on weight loss and more on healthy skin.

Fads out of fashion:

6. The Atkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate and high animal protein diet.

Verdict: It is too high in saturated fats. It is a quick fix diet that in the long-term is placing your kidneys and body in jeopardy. It has a lack of fibre, calcium and fruit. The diet also cuts out key B-complex foods, such as rice and grains, which over time can affect serotonin levels.

Zoe’s final word:

My advice is to use common sense and remember any diet that recommends eating high amounts of butter, animal fats and cheese won’t necessarily be good for you.

For more information on Zoe’s nutrition practice and details of her cooking classes, go to www.nutritionaledge.com.au/ 

Zoe will be back next week with the low down and insider tips for her signature healthy eating and lifestyle plan that has guaranteed results for her clients. No fads, no tricks and no deprivation – we promise! Great timing if you’re thinking of shaping up for summer!


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