Zoolander 2 (2016) Review

Keeva Stratton

Film Expert

 He might be really, really ridiculously good looking, but Derek Zoolander will no doubt attract his share of haters with this outlandish sequel.


It’s 15 years since Derek (Ben Stiller) last triumphed over evil, saving the Malaysian prime minister from imminent death while perfecting the ultimate runway look—the Magnum. But, despite having chiselled abs and stunning features, it would seem life has been tough for the world’s most celebrated male model.

Shortly after completing his ‘school for children who can’t read good’, tragedy struck—and Derek has since gone into hiding (as a hermit crab, of course). Life has not been kind to fellow male model Hansel (Owen Wilson), either. With his incredible looks deformed by a freak accident (caused by Derek), Hansel has also entered the wilderness, finding solace with a unique group of lovers in the desert.

A mysterious invitation from a Roman fashion designer draws them both back to the catwalk, where they find themselves a little too retro for the modern scene. Derek’s famous pout also sees him tied to the mysterious serial assassination of pop stars, and soon it’s not just the fashion world that needs their help. An undercover agent and former bikini model (played delightfully by Penélope Cruz) needs them too.

If you thought Zoolander was extravagant in its use of puns, gags and hyperbole, brace yourself, because Zoolander 2 takes it to ridiculous new levels. This is not a film that commands an ounce of seriousness, but when viewed with the right spirit it provides a preposterously hilarious skewering of not just the fashion world, but also our own narcissistic indulgences in this Insta-era.

Fashion lovers will again be rewarded by a host of industry jokes, poking fun at everything from the abundance of white privilege to the pronunciation of their labels. Designers, models, fashion icons and a host of celebrities make an appearance, showing a refreshing willingness to self-deprecate. To name them would spoil the surprise and delightfulness of each cameo.

Amidst the seriousness of awards season, the absolute silliness and revelry of this film feels utterly fabulous! If you didn’t like the first, you won’t like the sequel. But if, like the film’s bevvy of stars, you are willing to not take it all too seriously, Zoolander 2 will provide you with many silly laughs.

Given all the in-jokes, it’s also highly advisable to revisit the first film prior to viewing, so you don’t miss the rewarding links.

Perhaps I was entranced by his Blue Steel, but for me, Zoolander 2 was really, really, ridiculously good fun!

Director: Ben Stiller

Stars: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penélope Cruz, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell

Runtime: 1hour 42 mins

Release Date: Feb 11

Rating: PG

Reviewer Rating: 3/5



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