10 Tips For Those “I Feel Fat” Moments

Let’s face it, no matter what our body size or shape is or how confident we are with our bodies, sometimes we have those “I look and feel fat” moments. And, those moments tend to happen just as we are getting ready for a “swanky do” filled with people that will look like they’ve walked straight out of Vogue HQ. They also tend to happen when we’ve had a crazy day and are left with 15 minutes to get dressed.

So, we need a plan and we need it asap. Expert Personal Stylist Colette Werden shares her 10 tips to creating the illusion of a longer, leaner silhouette – fast.

Go for the high rise

For a lump free silhouette avoid low-waisted bottoms. Instead, opt for their high-waisted partners in crime – they flatten your front, cinch in your waist and elongate your legs. When choosing jeans, go for a high-waisted cotton drill with high levels of elastane; they’ll feel like your second skin. Side note – the term “muffin top” was invented when hipster jeans came out.


Goodbye ankle straps

If you’re in the market for glamazon legs, then avoid shoes with ankle straps. These bad boys create a horizontal line that chops up the leg, making it look shorter than what it actually is. Instead, choose shoes that expose your instep (top part of foot). For maximum increased length, invest in a pointed toe nude heel (in the closest tone/colour to your skin) – these beauties trick the eye into believing that the heels are an extension of your legs.

Tony Bianco RRP $199.50 

Sneaky side panelled dresses

Side paneling on dresses trick the eye into believing that the body is slimmer than it actually is. Dark side paneling virtually “cuts away” the sides of your silhouette, making you appear narrower. These dresses also do wonders for creating the illusion of an hourglass figure while lengthening the body.

SHEIN RRP $20.95

Head to toe monochromatic

Whilst colour blocking has been a trend, it doesn’t do any favours for lengthening the body. The stark contrasts between your upper and lower body draws the eye to your middle. Yet, wearing the same colour from top to toe creates an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look longer and leaner. Jumpsuits are a great way to achieve this look.  


A go-to well fitted blazer

The crisp straight lines and narrow lapels of a blazer counteract excess curves. Make sure the seams sit perfectly at the bony tops of your shoulders and that your sleeves hit exactly at your wrist. An open jacket is extra-slimming worn over a v-neck t-shirt and dark wash jeans.


The power of a V-neck

The open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point away from your midsection, and gives the illusion of a slimmer upper body. The eye moves up and down, rather than side to side like round necks. And, wider V-necks usually balance broad hips and thighs. Particularly best suited for women who want to downplay the size of their breasts.

ZARA RRP $59.95

Sleek, Pointed-Toe Shoes

Shoes with a pointed toe work to lengthen silhouette of calves, in turn, creating the perception of longer, leaner legs. On the flip side, square and round-toe styles with a chunky heel give the appearance of a shorter, bulkier leg. Whether it be a heel or flat, the effect is the same.

pinted-toeStuart Weitzman RRP $770

Camouflage “tuck-shop” arms with the flutter sleeve

Sometimes labelled as the Ruffle or Frill sleeve. Short sleeves and cap sleeves with straight definite horizontal lines bisect the upper arm at its widest spot, visually widening the area. However, there are always exceptions – enter, flutter sleeves. Their loose unconfined shape mean they’re gentler on upper arms. The bigger the flutter (frill or ruffle), the better; this balances out the proportions and commands the eye to look at the statement detailing.


Cinch in your waist, m’lady!

Every woman has a waist (yes, even you!), yet some waists are more defined than others. A belt to cinch in the waist is one of the simplest, most effective accessories that create a feminine silhouette. The size of the belt you choose is dependent on the length of your torso. Put simply, if you have a long torso, you can carry a medium to thick width. If your torso length is short, a thin or medium width is your winner.
If you do not have a defined waistline, you can create the perception of one if you wear long flowing tops or dresses, then cinch the fabric in with a thin or medium belt. Heads up – you must ensure that the belt sits on your natural waistline, not any higher or lower as this will create a rectangular, masculine silhouette. To find your natural waistline, tip to your side and place your hand where your body naturally moves in.


Nail your fit

The quickest way to look wider, frumpier and heavier is by wearing clothes that are too big for you. All oversized clothing does is add on the kgs, not camouflage the parts you don’t like so much. Ensure shoulder lines sit on your shoulder, not off your shoulder; remove excess fabric from pants, watch your sleeve lengths and shape your silhouette, not hide it. Not only will the right fit help create a long streamlined look, but ensure that you look like you own your clothes not borrowed them.

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