Keep Your Summer Glow With These 4 Vitamins

As multitasking women we know all too well about life’s ups and downs and the fluctuating energy levels that come with it. In any one day we’re juggling multiple roles – daughter, employee, mother, wife, friend, career – all whilst trying to keep a bounce in our step and a smile on our face.

Beneath the surface, however, it might not be such a rosy picture. Daily stresses, ageing and changes in diet can see us depleted of vitamins and minerals that support essential health and wellness, and after a while, it can start to show on the outside.

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Naturopath, nutritionist and educator, Teresa Mitchell-Paterson shares how you can stay on top of your game and maintain your healthy glow with these four supplements that support vitality and a healthy immune system.

Vitamin C

A powerful antioxidant, vitamin C helps our bodies fight against oxidative stress, which increases with age. It is also essential for bodily functions including iron absorption, brain and nerve function and boosting the immune system.

Chronic stress and illness can deplete levels of vitamin C, contributing to adrenal fatigue. Since vitamin C is also important in your body’s production of adrenal hormones, you may need to supplement your diet with additional vitamin C during trying times. If you find it difficult getting enough from your diet, consider a good quality vitamin C supplement.

B Vitamins

Primarily known for providing an energy boost and for supporting the body in times of stress, B vitamins are also involved in assisting digestive processes, circulation and the production of red blood cells.

They also play a significant role in our mental health by myelinating nerve cells so we have good cognition. Additionally, B12 and folic acid, which are part of the B vitamin group, which are important to prevent low mood and depression.

If you think you’re low in B vitamins, start with looking at your diet. B vitamins can be found in eggs, meat, whole grains and legumes.1 If you need an additional source of B vitamins, consider an activated B supplement.


Iron is vital to our health. It is involved with transporting oxygen around the body and in getting oxygen into muscle tissue, which is important during exercise. It’s also involved in the production of serotonin, which helps us to have a happy mood.

Women are typically affected by low iron levels due to menstruation and pregnancy. Vegetarians, vegans and athletes may also be at increased risk.

If you’re feeling fatigued – a common tell-tale sign of low iron8 – get your iron levels checked by your doctor. You may benefit from an iron supplement to help restore healthy iron levels.


The saying goes “we are what we eat” but, in fact, it’s more that “we are what we absorb”.

Even if you eat a healthy diet, poor digestive processes can mean you’re not absorbing essential nutrients from your food.

Good gut bacteria ensures the proper digestion of foods and plays an important role in immunity (70% of the immune system is based in the gut).

If you’re experiencing wind or bloating – common signs that your digestive system is out of balance – consider increasing your intake of probiotic foods such as yoghurt, kimchi, and fermented vegetables.If you don’t like probiotic-rich foods, you may take a good quality probiotic.

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