5 Lunchtime Ideas That Will Save You Money But Maximise Your Nutrition

It’s always easy to go for a quick and unhealthy choice when deciding what to have for lunch. But what if we told you that it isn’t that hard, that you can now have a healthy option and it could actually be saving you money. Spring Wholefoods Founder, Radley Spring shares two top tips plus 5 easy-to-prepare lunches that will give you the best nutritional bang for your buck!

First, let’s look at a couple of principles to consider to get the most out of your meals. Pay attention to the “source and processing” of your ingredients. If you want both simple and easy then make sure your basic ingredients are packed with nutrition and easy to absorb. That means when you’re doing your shopping buy the best quality you can. Consider these factors when purchasing your staples eg: bread, eggs, fruit

– Organic
– In-season
Gut-health-friendly (ie. high prebiotic (fibre) and probiotic (cultures and good bacteria))

You want to maximise your ability to digest it!

– Set a time to relax and eat
– Take your time
– Chew well

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Now to the recipes

1. Classic Avo Smash

Use the most nutrient dense bread you can find such as sprouted seed bread. Adding a good source of carbohydrate to your lunch will keep you feeling fuller for longer, provide sustained energy and is easily digested. A handy tip is to store your bread in the freezer as it can last up to 6 months and take a slice out to defrost when needed. Now smash the avocado and assemble on location. Avocados are highly nutritious and are a good source of heart-healthy fats. To complete this meal, add a sliced boiled egg on top or fresh tomato slices.

2. Hummus Dipper

Create your favourite hummus concoction by adding some superfoods or fresh roasted veggies to the classic recipe. For instance, when a recipe calls for tahini, think of blending in half then adding roasted red capsicum, beetroot or carrot as these are all highly nutritious!

Then dip lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower, raw vegetables or toasted sprouted bread fingers in the hummus. This vegan lunch idea is nourishing and light on your stomach.

3. Radical Radiccio Wraps

These wraps are inspired by san choi bao and are loaded with vegetables. They are a great way to get your daily dose of vegetables and when you need to use up left over produce in the fridge.

This recipe requires large radiccio leaves or alternatively crispy iceberg lettuce, onion, garlic, carrot, zucchini, corn, soy sauce, oyster sauce, brown rice and oil. Simply dice and sauté vegetables in a dash of oil then dress with oyster and soy sauce. Cook brown rice as per packet instructions. For lunch fill a leaf with brown rice and vegetables then wrap up and enjoy.

4. Supercharge Sandwich

The classic sandwich can be a great way to incorporate complex carbohydrates that are rich in vitamins and minerals, lean proteins and vegetables to your diet. As noted earlier, make sure to chose bread that is high in nutrients to allow your body to reap the maximum benefits of the grain. Add a good source of protein such as canned tuna, sliced ham or mashed chickpeas as these are all cost effective options. Then add lots of salad to bulk it up and keep your belly full.

5. Vegetable Frittata

An egg frittata is a great to make ahead for your lunch break. It can be served either hot or cold and pairs perfectly with a side salad. Slices such as zucchini or vegetable are quick to whip up and are filled with so much goodness! Eggs are an excellent source of protein and vegetables contain vital nutrients your body needs to thrive.


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