5 Exercises to Achieve your Summer Body

A 5 minute workout can be incredibly effective if and only if you’re doing it right.

The results of coupling HIIT (high intensity interval training) and functional training are phenomenal and have become increasingly popular over the past year for its effectiveness and plain and simple philosophy. These workouts are perfect particularly for time poor professionals and fitness fanatics alike who want to see results and fast!

These 5minute workouts can help to compensate for a traditional 30-60minute workout as they are structured to be 5minutes worth of intense intervals of exercises ranging from 15 seconds to 1 minute, with an into circuit and ‘super set’ style of training and no rest time – no break at all for best results. The reason this is so effective and has huge fitness benefits is because the exercise repetitions are performed at your top lactic threshold of 80% and at your heart rate maximum.

If you have a little more time to exercise and as your fitness starts to increase, couple up 2, 3, 4+ Luke Heath 5 Minute workouts for even more amazing results.

Bikini Beach Session

Equipment Needed:
1 x drink bottle
1 x towel
1 x mat

Get bikini body ready on the beach now with this seriously fun beach session.

Step 1 – Beach Sprints:

Beach Sprints
Complete a 10-15 meter beach sand sprint. Crouch down on the start line in the block start position, ready to race. Push off on your front foot and sprint as fast as you can down the track to burn maximum calories. When you reach the end, turn around sprint back and repeat. You can even have a bit of friendly competition with your friends if you’re working out in a group. 10 reps or to your maximum.

Step 2 – Commando Crawl:

Commando Crawl
Set your track at 10-15 meters. Lying on the ground, begin your commando crawl by reaching one forearm out in front and the same knee up, pulling your body forward across the ground in an elbow to knee crawling action. Keep your hips down so you start to grind your back and core muscles as a result.

7 reps each leg or to your maximum

Step 3 – Double Pulse Block Starts:

Double Pulse Block Starts
Similar to a mountain climber motion, place your hands on the ground in the pushup position and jump one knee in towards the chest. Hop and pulse on the same foot, before jumping and changing to the alternate leg and repeat the pulse. Remember to keep your hips down to grind the legs and core.

15 reps each side or to your maximum

Step 4 – Shuttle Runs:

Shuttle Runs

Start in crouch position with your hand on the start line, then sprint forward to the first 5meter marker. Crouch down, turn and touch the marker and sprint back to the start line. Repeat the next sprint out to the 10meter marker, turn and sprint back to the start line. Repeat the next sprint all the way out to the 10meter marker, turn and sprint back to the start to finish the first rep.

10 reps or to your maximum

Step 5 – Walking Push-Up:

Walking Push-Up
In the pushup position, place one hand forward and the rear leg out long on the same side. On the other side bring the knee to the elbow to activate the core. Drop yourself into a pushup, rise and walk the alternate hand and foot forward to work the other side. This will bring a burn to the chest, triceps and core muscles.

7 reps each side or to your maximum

Step 6 – Sit and Punch Crunch:

Sit and Punch Crunch
Take a seat placing your fists together at your chest and lean back until you feel your core muscles activate. Rotate your chest from side to side punching the opposite arm to leg forward as you alternate and bring your knee to your chest. This will bring heat and burn to every core muscle.

7 reps each side or to your maximum

Cool down and stretch!


For further information on Luke Heath check out his website.


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