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Which of your features show the first visible signs of ageing? Is it the eyes? Around the mouth? Maybe that furrowed forehead? I was lucky enough to speak with plastic surgeon, Dr Steven Liew recently and it was enlightening, to say the least. Visible ageing affects us all so differently, which means that not one in-clinic treatment fits all. (Which is becoming increasingly evident in the frightening surgery results on many celebrities!)

“The new generation of the normal face is one I consider to be a freakish face,” Dr Liew tells me. “The epitome of anything we do – whether its surgery of injectable – is transforming the patients face so that they look good, so no one knows they had any treatment done” Via Pinterest

Not all fashions fit all shapes.

(skinny jeans anyone?) even though we way wish they did. Surgery is the same. Ensure you are consulted on what suits you – and only you – and your ageing areas.

Botox is not the be-all and end-all.

New generation fillers like Volbella and Volift can provide a nice cheekbone definition or jawline tightening which go far further to restore youth than a frozen forehead!

Prevention is sometimes better than a cure.

Some patients are 21 with major frown lines, so treating these early can stem their depth five years on, says Dr. Liew. “I am a big advocator of providing a structure – just a little bit of filler or have a tiny bit of Botox – in an area that is starting to show a sign of dropping. If you do it early and consistently once ever two years, I would suggest in 10 or 15 years time it will alleviate the requirement of the treatment.”

Sleep on your back for better skin.

One side of the face is always a little worse for wear than the other if we favour it during slumber, says Dr, Liew. So to avoid one flatter cheek or more creased eye, sleep on your back with your pillow slightly elevated to enhance drainage from the face also.

Don’t’ always follow celebrity trends

“Angelina Jolie has a very sexy lip, but put that on most people who come in and it’s going to look disproportioned,” says Dr. Liew. “I think lately Nicole Kidman looks fantastic. Her eyebrow does not droop anymore. Her lip and cheek is not over volume, she’s got a very evenly distributed face. Nice proportion and structurally she looks fantastic.”


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