5 Ways to Defy Jet Lag

There’s no disagreement, jet-lag makes you feel s*!t. But how else are we going to escape our Australian winters for the European sun? It may be a small price to pay for some, but if you feel like jet-lag hits you hard, Personal trainer and spokesperson for Before You Speak Coffee, Jaryd Terkelsen suggests to try mitigate the effects of cold-hard drowsiness with these tips.

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Stay on Time

If you’re only going away for a short trip to areas within 3 hours of your time-zone, i.e. Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong or New Zealand try stay on Australian time. This may mean early nights and early starts, but returning home will mean you ease straight back into Aussie time. If it’s a work trip this will also help keep you on Australian office hours, which means less time playing catch up once you return.

In busier cities, you may feel the streets claustrophobic. So when you do wake on Australian time, take the time to explore the city while everyone else sleeps. You may find that you have it all to yourself.

Skip the Booze

This may sound like a Nutritionist talking to you, but honestly, unless you’re in business class, the quality of wine really isn’t worth it. When you’re sky-high you naturally dehydrate due to the dryness of the air, so downing a few vinos will only add to feelings of ickiness when you step off the plane.

Alternatively, pack some tea-bags and request hot water from the air hostesses. Oh, and ask for an aisle seat, unless you want to piss-off your neighbours by making frequent trips to the toilet.

If wine is your solution to preventing a sleepless night, opt for night-time teas which have sleep promoting herbs such as valerian, lavender, hops, flowering oats and chamomile.

Caffein-ate Naturally

There’s really no question about it, Australia makes the best barista-style coffee in the world. Unfortunately, some countries just don’t understand a flat white, which is why you may need to come prepared. While sleep is the best medicine for jet-lag, sometimes you do just have to adjust to the new time and stay-awake – enter, coffee.

Believe it or not, it is possible to find high-quality coffee sachets. For example, some also include superfood ingredients such as, siberian ginseng, green coffee bean extract, turmeric and black Pepper which naturally boost energy levels.

Move It

If you’ve followed the points above, you’ve either decided to commit yourself to sticking to your Australian time-zone so you’re awake before the sun, or are highly caffeinated – both are good reasons to get up and exercise.

Movement is the best medicine after a long-haul, especially for the over-night flights where your blood can naturally pool in your lower extremities due to little movement. If you’re in business class, you probably won’t have this problem…

So, if you do happen to land yourself an economy seat, either make sure you move around during your flight (again, get yourself an aisle seat), or as soon as you hop off that plane, run-around.

Exercise not only gets your blood pumping to all areas of the body, but it also releases feel-good hormones which may help whisk away the drowsy blues.


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