About RESCU Me!

About RESCU Me!

Rescu me! is not your average makeover guide. It doesn’t believe women need fixing, but it does believe you can do with a little more fabulous in your life. Whether you’re looking for complete reinvention, or just some extra sparkle, you’ll find it in Rescu me!

Bahar Etminan, creator of the stellar online publication RESCU.com.au, brings you practical insights and advice from the leading experts in health, relationships and wellbeing, finances and career, fashion and beauty – all in one book.


“I don’t believe that we women are broken…. I believe that the woman who picks up this book (you) has a strong sense of self, and is already wonderful in very many ways. I also know that every one of our lives is made up of moving parts that we can polish to dial up the fabulous.” Bahar Etminan.

Featuring a 360-degree makeover of two real women at turning points in their lives, this beautifully photographed and designed book draws on inspiration from icons Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot and Audrey Hepburn, showing you how to put a contemporary spin on their legendary style.

As a businesswoman, a mother and an immigrant, and no stranger to the power of personal transformation, Bahar’s own success is built on surrounding herself with trusted experts from whom she regularly draws ideas and inspiration. Rescu me! gives you access to her very own go-tos.

Whether it’s Antony Bell, wealth-building financial advisor to stars; Annie Gurton, relationships therapist; or Michael Brown, makeup maestro— every word of advice in Rescu me! comes from a professional at the top of their field. So tap in, skill up and lean forward into a more fabulous life!


“Fabulous doesn’t just happen…you make it happen.” 

Alex Perry on Bahar and Rescu.com.au

To purchase RESCU Me! click the following leading book stores to purchase: DymocksBook Depository, and Booktopia. Also available on Ibooks and Kindle.


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