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Celebrities would be pretty bland personas without a Signature Style. Marilyn Monroe would surely have had less wiggle in her walk without sexy body-hugging pencil skirts. Bridgette Bardot, half the sex kitten without her bedroom hair. Audrey Hepburn, much less gamine, elegant poise without a ballet flat, capri pant and turtle neck sweater. Gwen Stefani’s edgy mix of retro cool meets rock chic instantly tells us what she’s all about. Unapologetically so.

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You may think a Signature Style is something only celebrities have and stylists can create. So why should YOU have one?

1. A Signature Style instantly defines YOUR personality. It is as individual and unique as your handwriting.
2. Having a Signature Style relaxes people when they meet you. Let your look do the talking. Having a Signature Style is like having a recipe that showcases YOU, in your best light.
3. A Signature Style makes you shop smarter. You won’t waste time or money buying the wrong stuff. It helps filter out all the fashion trends that don’t work for you.
4. Your streamlined wardrobe will be simpler to work with because everything “goes”. Which means getting dressed in the morning becomes much easier and faster.
5. A Signature Style makes it easy for friends to buy you gifts. No more weird vases.

So if you don’t already have a Signature Style, how do you find one? It’s not like you can walk into a store and simply pluck one off the rack. If your current style looks something like Helena Bonham Carter let loose in the dress up box, you’ll have to look a little further than under the couch to find your Signature Style.

Here are my 6 steps to finding your Signature Style…

1. Know your Body Shape

Take a good hard look in the mirror. Work with what you’ve got. Are you an curvaceous hourglass that looks smokin’ in tight fitting body con dresses? Or are you petite, gamine with short hair and can channel Sixties Mod or Gatsby Flapper style? Consider your best physical attributes and how to best let them shine.

2. Know which styles flatter your body

Killer legs? Make short skirts and shorts your signature. If pants particularly flatter you, think about making man-style suiting look your thing. For a tiny waist and full bosom, look to Mad Men style cinched in dresses.

3. Compliment your personality

A Signature Style IS your personality. What styles do you love? What style, icon, era, country, colour or jewellery are you passionate about? If you have a penchant for all things retro, consider pinup style. Do you love girly lace, pretty florals, frou frou and super soft feminine shapes? If the rock chic within is strong go with studded hardware and black leather. A tofu eating, yoga nut who only wears natural organic fibres, should embrace the boho luxe vibe.
Don’t try to be someone you’re not. Stay true to yourself.

4. Think about zero-ing in one thing

If a certain shade of pink suits your complexion like nothing else, then make that Pink your Signature.
I have a friend who always includes a splash of red in all her outfits – and it works fabulously whether its a small detail like red nail varnish, or on a larger scale like a red ball gown.
Or focus on statement jewellery if this is your obsession. Whatever item, colour or influence you choose, just make sure it won’t date, or is something available every season and can be updated regularly. Like Sunglasses!

5. Inspiration

Pick an era that resonates with you, such as the Roaring 20’s flappers, 1950 Mad Men, 1960’s mod, 1970’s boho luxe. Or look to classic Hollywood movies rich in iconic style such as Roman Holiday or Breakfast at Tiffanys. Fashion style icons both past and present are a great source.
Draw inspiration from travels to far away lands, cultures with a strong visual aesthetic or look back into history.

6. Experiment

Developing a signature style is a creative process and develops over time. I actually don’t think it can be consciously chosen. It often evolves out of something we are passionate about and is almost chosen FOR us. Signature Style is as unique and individual as you. No one can tell you what your Signature Style is. The fun is in finding it for yourself. Experiment and try different styles until one fits you like a glove.
Trust me, you’ll know it when it finds you.

By Alex Perry
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