Alex Perry’s Top 5 Tips To Looking Fabulous

Glamour expert Alex Perry gives us his five top tips to look amazing – without having to put a second mortgage on the house. You heard it here first.
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Top 5 Tips to Look Amazing:

There are some things a girl can always count on to put a spring in her step. Always have a size-whittling little black dress and a killer pair of heels in your closet – and having your own personal hairstylist living in your en-suite wouldn’t go astray either… What’s not to love, right??!

But the most important element of feel-good dressing is glamour – and it just happens to be my specialty!

Here’s the thing, regardless of age, nationality, colour, I don’t know one woman who doesn’t respond to her very own red carpet moment. Glamour is what has kept us fascinated with Hollywood, from the golden age of amazing silver screen goddesses, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor and then years later, still glamorous, still fascinating, Cate Blanchett, Nicole Kidman and Eva Mendes.  

These screen sirens triumphed over war, depression, stock market crashes, bad eighties fashion and the potentially most lethal killer of all grunge. Glamour will withstand just about any economic crisis. Why? Because it appeals to our sense of optimism, our propensity to dream, and our need to lift our spirits when the chips (or dollars) are indeed down.  

Make no mistake, bone-chilling, euphoric mind-altering glamour can be outrageously expensive. Sit front row at Dior and smell the money!!! But any girl on any budget can make her wardrobe sparkle with classic glamorous essentials.

Here are my top five tips to look amazing:

1. Diamonds:

Sure, start off with what you/he can afford. But let’s be honest about this, eventually you’ll want a huge flawless block of ice! (And don’t pretend you don’t, I can hear those faint protests about small and lovely quality!)

2. An amazing little black dress:

Shop-bought or bespoke, it should fit like a glove, take you down a size and make you inches taller. If it doesn’t, it’s the wrong one!

3. Invest in the best pair of high black shoes you can afford:

Choose from either patent or suede and err on a classic shape, like a pump or slingback. Nothing under nine centimetres will do here ladies. You want comfort? Buy Asics. Did Nicole Kidman look comfortable in Moulin Rouge?

4. Beautiful foundation garments and lingerie:

Any pant that smoothes, any hose that tightens, and any bra that lifts… get the drift? As good as you can make your body look before you put your dress on, will make the world of difference. Don’t want to wear the Bridget Jones undies? Get a trainer and hit the gym!

5. Grooming:

The most glamorous women in the world look immaculate on and off the red carpet, and there’s one word for why… grooming. Find a great salon and regularly maintain your hair, skin and nails. A fabulous blow dry, gleaming skin and a flawless manicure and pedicure are the signature of the famous, the wealthy, the successful and the seriously glamorous.

By Alex Perry
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