The One Piece Of Advice Anna Heinrich Swears By

Since first arriving on our screens in Season One of The Bachelor, it wasn’t just bachelor Tim Robard’s heart that Anna Heinrich won over when she took home the final rose. Winning hearts all over the country, it’s five years on yet Heinrich continues to get the people’s vote.

Recently meeting up with the former reality television star at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney City in her official role as brand ambassador for Oral-B 3D White, we got chatting to find out just what it is that makes her continue to shine in the spotlight.

“Any advice that I could give to anyone, no matter what they are doing, is be yourself and be confident in yourself. We [Tim and I] haven’t played by the rules where we feel like we need to do a certain thing for another person; it’s always been on our terms.

“We know we’re so lucky, we know we’re in a very fortunate position. It’s not something we set out to achieve; it’s more about just being genuine. I like to think I’m a genuine person. I’m a country girl.”

While being genuine has definitely been one source of her success, her constant wins in the fashion and beauty department have also made her a golden girl. “I’ve always been into fashion and I’ve always been into beauty. There were times in school where I felt like I had to dress down so I didn’t make other people feel uncomfortable.

“Now, I know more about who I am. I’ve learnt who I am and what my style is. I’ve always at the back of my mind wanted to be as sophisticated as I possibly can. People ask me who I admire, and I say Amal Clooney. She’s doing law, but she still looks fabulous. My style has definitely evolved, and I think it will continue to evolve. “

Despite a successful career in the media, Heinrich does continue to practice at the law firm she worked at before appearing on the show. A juggle act that Heinrich stresses she’s not going to give up any time soon. “Education has always been important, I’ve always loved to study. I have two degrees, I majored in anthropology in arts and also did law. I’m so proud of that. I always say you’ve got to work hard, and education is the most important thing. Knowledge is key.”

Watch the video to see the full interview with Heinrich and discover more about her journey to success.

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