Top Tips To Make Your Hands Look Younger

Dr. Joseph Hkeik

Cosmetic physician

It’s official: your hands are a sign of ageing skin. Although a manicure may make you feel better, our expert cosmetic physician Dr. Joseph Hkeik has explained common complaints clients express about their hands, and the best treatment options for them.

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The best treatment options for:

Age spots

Depending on the depth of age spots, they respond very well to a combination of light therapies including limelight laser, permea laser and fraxel. Depending on the severity of the spots, treatments may vary in intensity. The daily use of sunscreen is reinforced to maintain the integrity of the skin post treatment. An alternative to laser, a course of in clinic vitamin A peel to the hands is beneficial after prepping the skin at home

Veiny hands

Veiny hands are often associated with ageing and is often due to loss of skin volume. Replacing lost volume with fillers (belotero volume , emervel volume or teosyal ultimate ) or collagen promoting injectables such as radiesse will address this issue by restoring the youthful appearance and plumping the skin.

Crepey skin

Crepey skin is caused by loss of collagen or chronic dehydration. The use of hyaluronic acid fillers (a natural ingredient that locks in 1,000 times its own molecular weight in water) promotes better hydration and improves the appearance of crepey skin. A home care of vitamin A and Vitamin C serum and in clinic peels of the same ingredients is also good.

Enlarged joints and knuckles

Whether due to arthritis or loss of volume, regardless of the cause, dermal fillers placed subcutaneously can rejuvenate the hands and improve the appearance of enlarged joints and knuckles.( with restylane perlane)


Combining lactic acid at night with antioxidants and sunscreen in the morning can significantly improve the moisture level of the hands. Rescue balm could also be worn at night as a hand mask for extra hydration. A cou9rse of lactic acid peel with a rich daily moisturiser preferable with high SPF is essential for maintenance.

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