The Inner Critic – Friend or Foe?

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

Ever felt like there is a movie narration going on in your mind with every thought, action and feeling that you have?

Our mind is an amazingly wonderful and complex organ in itself. The conscious mind is always going at 100 miles an hour, so many thoughts, situations and moments can flicker through in a heartbeat. So much so that we kind of switch off from it like having a radio in the background. Only tapping in when something catches our focus. Then our inner critic, our inner storyteller gets its chance to perform and repeat dialogue patterns with us as its audience.


When we have conversations with ourselves, we’re actually playing out our thoughts throughout our physical body and emotions. We may be focused on our internal conversation however, being focused doesn’t mean we’re in a state of awareness. Awareness allows us to be discerning with our words, our tone and our thoughts.

Many of us assume that we’re in control of our conscious thoughts, but that’s not the case. We’re being driven by unconscious thought patterns and these patterns have been established throughout our life experiences. Some of these thought patterns can create more chaos in our life. We all know the feeling of being stuck and asking ourselves why the same thing keeps happening to us.

We give that voice in our mind, so much airtime without realising the subliminal effect it has, every day. One of the strategies I use with clients is to give that voice, that inner critic its own identity, its own name. Being able to identify that inner critic chatter as it happens, helps you in detaching from these thoughts.

Being able to detach and having that separate identity creates awareness so that we can be more selective and choose if we want to own as thoughts. It’s like hearing a friend’s viewpoint and deciding for yourself if it resonates with you. Having that slight detachment opens up the door to choice. Choice in how you handle different situations, relationships and life direction.

This is all done on a conscious level but if you want to get into the nitty gritty, then accessing the subconscious mind is where the real change occurs. This part of the mind, holds all information in our lifetime. Changing thoughts, patterns and actions at this level can be achieved quicker and with more ease. Stepping into the subconscious can be achieved by a few different methods e.g. Hypnosis, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Meditation.

With meditation, it gives the opportunity for the monkey mind to run it’s course, run out of steam so you can get to that place of a quiet mind. There are many different types of meditation; so finding the right one that works for you is at your fingertips.

NLP methods rewire the mind and how it links to different parts of the brain. Imagine that you drive to and from work everyday. You use the same route EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our mind can work in the same manner, having these Neuro pathways well travelled and established. NLP can reset these programmes, supporting your desires. So what was once overwhelming becomes clearer, becomes easier.

Hypnosis accesses the subconscious directly. All changes from this space, allow core beliefs to be aligned within you (mind, physically and emotionally). You can record yourself with your desires (including how you imagine it would feel to have this already) and listen to daily, shifting a pattern. There are many downloads of Hypnosis recordings that you can purchase online. Or, there is nothing better then seeing a hypnotherapist that tailor’s the session specifically to your needs and wants.

So instead of letting that movie narration play in the background of your mind, you have the choice to become the storyteller of your desires. No longer a member of the audience waiting to see what happens. You become the writer, the director, and the producer of your thoughts, actions and feelings. Now you can create your own movie and enjoy the practice so much more.


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