Aromatherapy is a girl’s best friend: RESCU receives professional guidance on the powers of essential oils

Essential oils are one of nature’s most versatile and sophisticated gifts. With a history spanning back to ancient Egyptian times, these precious oils provide therapeutic benefits and emotional support, enhancing health and wellbeing and offering a welcome reprieve from the many toxins in our environment. 

However, with so many different oils available on the market, knowing which one is right for you can be a difficult choice! Here, Pat Princi? Jones, National Education and Training Manager for Australian Natural Brands, which distributes In Essence Aromatherapy and Oil Garden Aromatherapy products, explains how aromatherapy works.

For effective therapeutic use, it is important that pure essential oils are used so that you are receiving the full benefits of the products; whether you’re using German Chamomile for a headache, soothing muscular aches with Clary Sage, or clearing up that cold with a Citronella-based chest rub.

How Aromatherapy works

Aromatherapy is very personal. Our elemental make-up, as well as something as subjective as our memories, can determine how we respond to different scents.

Yet, there is no question that the use of pure essential oils works in different ways to deliver therapeutic effects. They alter our emotions and moods when inhaled through the nasal passages and have a direct effect on our body tissues and organs when massaged onto the skin. Because oils have different characteristics, some may be uplifting, some soothing, while others stimulating.

Methods of use

The three most popular and the safest ways of using the oils include Vaporisation, Bathing and Massage. These methods all facilitate the oil’s entry into the body.

Vaporisation: Add 6?9 drops in total of your chosen pure essential oils to the water of an electric or candle burner. You will gain the therapeutic effects of the oils as the water heats and the oil molecules rise into the air.

Bathing: Add up to 3 drops in total of your chosen oils to a teaspoon of sweet almond and add to bath; agitate the water to disperse the oil molecule before immersing your body into the water. As the pores open, this allows penetration of the oils into the body.

Massage: Add 6 drops of pure essential oils to 12ml of In Essence massage base oil and gently massage over the skin. The oils will enter the body and work from within to improve health and wellbeing

Q: Which essential oils work best for stress?

A: Lavender, Neroli, Sandalwood  

Recommended Method of Use: Vaporise, Tissue, Spritz, Massage

Quick Tip: You can also dispense 3 drops of Bergamot onto a tissue and inhale at regular intervals.

Q: Which oils can help treat Insomnia?

A:  Lavender, Mandarin and Marjoram.

Recommended Method of Use: Vaporise, Tissue, Massage.

Quick tip: Place 1 drop of Lavender on the end of your pillow at night.

For more advice on how to treat health conditions like anxiety, acne or PMS with aromatherapy, tune in next week when we bring you part 2 of this story.

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