Bobbi Brown On How To Get Out Of A Makeup Rut

Bobbi Brown

Global Beauty Expert

How do I get out of a makeup rut? Tips for shaking up your go to look and some ideas to help you embrace a new you.

I believe that makeup is a way for a woman to look and feel like herself, only prettier and more confident.

I always recommend that women experiment with different looks and colours until they find something that suits their personality best. What might work for one person, might not suit the next. For some women, that means natural, subtle colours and for others, it means a more vibrant look. Makeup isn’t about rules but about options.

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I believe that certain colour cosmetics – even if they’re small, like a lipstick, blush, mascara– can make a huge difference in the way women look and feel. A little colour goes a long way and can give women an instant boost to their look and to their confidence. The right shades can enhance the skin tone, make the eyes look brighter, and give the face a lift. Plus, a dramatic statement colour – like a bold lip or smokey eye – is a great way to update any look.

Don’t underestimate the difference that changing your shade of lipstick or lining your eyes (if you normally don’t) can make to your look. Getting an update doesn’t necessarily mean completely overhauling your look. It means tweaking one or two things in your makeup routine. If you want to update your look and aren’t sure where to start, get the opinion of an expert. Stop by your local makeup counter and speak with a makeup artist. They’ll show you the rights products and techniques to help enhance your natural beauty. Make sure to listen and ask questions and be clear about your likes and dislikes.

Here are a few of my top tips for eyes, lips and cheeks.

Cheeks: A pop of pink blush on the cheeks is a simple and quick way to instantly freshen up your look. I always recommend that women have at least two blush colours: a natural one and pop of colour. Your natural shade of blush should look like your cheeks when you’re naturally flushed. You can also pinch the cheeks and look at the tone; match that colour by holding several shades of blush next to the cheek. The right shade will add a pretty brightness to the face without looking obvious. For a natural look, use a blush brush to apply colour to the apples of cheeks, blending up toward the hairline, and then down to soften the edges. Blend thoroughly, keeping the most product on the highest part of the cheekbones. Always use blush sparingly at first. You can always add more product if needed.

Eyes: If you want to play with more colour without going over-the-top, for eyes, choose shadows that have a neutral base with just a hint of pigment like shell pink or champagne gold. It’s best to wear colour just on one part of your face, so stick to nude shades on cheeks and lips—try a double-duty pot rouge. When choosing your lip colour, don’t go more than one tone lighter than your own lips otherwise lips will look chalky and washed out. Another way to experiment with coloured eye shadow is to use it as eyeliner – focusing the colour on the liner instead of the on the lid. For example, keep eye shadow neutral on the lid, and then use an eyeliner brush to apply a dark blue shadow like Rich Navy or deep purple like Black Plum.

Lips: Applying lip colour is one of the simplest of all makeup steps and is a great way to instantly change a look. The right shade works with the skin tone and complements the natural colour of the lips. When it comes to colour, I recommend finding your perfect neutral shade for everyday first. To find the best basic lip colour, first remove all makeup. The perfect neutral shade – pinky brown, nude, beige pink, rosy brown, pink – will generally be close in tone to the natural lip colour. Some women might need more colour, and the shade that works best without makeup could be bright or dark rather than neutral. You know you’ve found the right shade when it enhances the skin tone, makes the eyes look brighter, and gives the face a lift. Once you have found the right everyday shade of lip colour, you have the basis for selecting more dramatic colors. Most lip colours with the same undertone as the natural shade selected will look flattering.

When exploring more dramatic shades, red lipstick is an easy way to make your everyday look festive and great for the upcoming holidays. Despite what you may think, the red lip look is easy to achieve and very wearable. Think about your style and the statement you want to make with red lipstick. In other words, find a red lipstick shade and formula that you’re comfortable wearing.

To choose the most flattering red lipstick, use the natural colour of your lips as a guide when choosing a lipstick shade. If your lips have more of a bluish tint then I suggest using a deeper red like Luxe Lip Color in Retro Red, Russian Doll or Red Velvet and if your lips have an orange tint then I recommend choosing a brighter red like Luxe Lip Color in Sunset Orange. Also, when choosing a red lipstick pick the one that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup. This is the magic colour that will make your skin, hair and eyes look their best


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