The Expert Way To Hide Dark Circles

Recently I have noticed dark circles under the eyes that don’t go away with rest. It makes me feel old! What can I do? 

Makeup expert Bobbi Brown talks to RESCU about the solution. The secret to covering dark circles lies in a unique two-step approach: Corrector and Concealer. Working together, they can instantly brighten your face and lift your mood. They can make you look and feel better, even before you apply the rest of your makeup.

Concealer is my ‘desert-island cosmetic’, I wouldn’t dream of living without it. It’s the one product that I feel most dramatically improves the way you look. When applied correctly, it instantly makes you appear awake and refreshed—like you’ve had eight hours of sleep—no matter what’s going on in the outside world.

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Before applying, first, always make sure you hydrate the skin around your eyes with a rich under eye cream at night. This will help plump up and moisturise the skin.

During the day, apply a very light amount of under eye cream, letting the product absorb into skin before applying makeup.

Then, start with a Corrector to brighten and neutralise discolouration under the eyes. Peach or pink in colour, a Corrector counteracts the purple or green tones underneath the eyes that Concealer alone can’t cover. If your skin is pale, choose the lightest colors, starting with bisque or light pink. For deeper skin tones, choose a medium or dark peach.

Use a Concealer Blending Brush to apply the pink or peach-toned corrector directly to under eye area, up to the lashline and inner corner of the eye. Use your ring finger or brush to gently press and blend the Corrector into the skin. Don’t pull or tug at the delicate skin around the eye area.

Follow with a layer of Concealer that’s one or two shades lighter than your foundation to lighten under eye area. Finish with a light dusting of yellow-toned powder to set in place. If you are very pale, a translucent powder could work. If you have darker skin, try a peach-based powder.

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