Boost Your Body Image And Learn To Love Your Body

Poor body image is a common problem for women. We are constantly bombarded with images of physical perfection. It’s in magazines, on TV, within our circle of friends and in our beloved clothing shops. Fitness expert, Natalie Carter shares how you can learn to love your body.

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I can’t remember the last time I picked up a magazine and actually felt good about myself. Well maybe that’s a lie. I do remember. It was my favourite food mag and I think I was looking at an amazing pork belly recipe, but the last time I picked up a fashion/beauty/gossip mag I’m sure I told myself I really should try to lose 5 kg or my ass should look like Eva Mendes.

Females, in particular, have a huge amount of daily pressure placed on their petite shoulders and it begs the question “Is it all necessary?’ What would happen if we tried to silence those voices and start loving our bodies, unconditionally? Imagine we bombarded our eyes and minds with positive, soul building information and messages. A new thought pattern would be created and your self esteem through the roof, right? Right!

The negative thoughts would be squashed and the positive thoughts reinforced.

Imagine: Instead of focusing on your larger hips you accepted them as shapely, curveous and the essence of being a female (As side note: A study in the US stated that women with big hips were at less risk of heart disease than their narrow hipped sisters. So there! Big hips are in).

When was the last time you looked in the mirror and said something positive? Now, it doesn’t have to be “Man, I’m ridiculously good looking”. You don’t need to be that intense in the beginning, maybe just a little “You have pretty eyes” or “Your skin is really glowing today”. Try to be as positive as your mind will allow. Don’t fight it either. Silence the negative part of your mind that says “No your not!” Tell it to shut the hell up.

Make a commitment for 30 days, every single one of those 30 days, to tell yourself something positive-with out the negative Nancy voice in the background. You will be really shocked and surprised how great you will feel, even after 5 days of doing it. I promise.

Here’s a few of my favourite affirmations to try:
“I have a strong, healthy and happy body”
“I appreciate and respect my body”
“I achieve so much on a daily basis and I am thankful for this”

Now go and tell that mirror you are one hot piece of work. In progress!



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