Casual Fashion: Alex Perry’s Top Tips

Want to amp up your casual fashion Kate Moss style? Fashion expert Alex Perry shares with us his key tips on how to achieve an effortlessly cool casual yet elegant look.

How do IT Girls make the ordinary look so extraordinarily chic? Just what is it that turns Clemence Poesy and Kate Moss’s most boring of wardrobe basics into uber cool and elegant essentials?

Whilst most mere mortals pop down to the shops in tatty trackies and ugly Uggs (yes, I’ve seen you darting into Coles hoping no one noticed. I did). Next time, do yourself a favour (and everyone’s eyeballs) and read my tips below. “Casual fashion” doesn’t mean slobbish. Kate and Clemence know it means effortlessly stylish.

And it’s easy as 1, 2, 3…

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Alex Perry’s Top 3 Casual Fashion Tips:

Step 1: Get the Basics

To start with, you need all the right ingredients to whip up a casual fashion storm. Here is my shopping list of casual yet elegant wardrobe must haves.

1. Jeans: Roll up boyfriend faded denim, skinnies in dark denim, coloured denim, sandy beige chinos and cut off denim shorts.
2. Tee’s: In every neutral colour including black, white, grey, cream, black & white stripe or digital prints. Let them be loose and easy fit.
3. Classic Blazer: In black, navy, white or beige. This is the “glue” that keeps you from looking like a dishevelled mess.
4. Maxi dress: belt it; throw on a blazer and wear it with thongs.
5. Ballet flats: black, tan or bright pop colour.
6. Thongs: they should be our national symbol. A pair of Havianas instantly dress down an outfit, or go for a less beachy style in leather.
7. Scarf: in all colours and prints to tie the look together. Scarves instantly add a sense of style and “je ne sais quois” to any outfit. Ask the French.
8. Satchel worn across the body: in tan, black or your fave bold colour.
9. Sunglasses: the bigger the better and more famous. In Black or Black.
10. Hat:  trilby or a wider brimmed floppy style, whichever suits your face and height.

Step 2: Putting it all together

Now you just need to follow the formula! There are rules:

1. DON’T tuck in your Tee
2. DO tailor your jeans hem to your flats. There’s nothing worse than dragging hems on the ground.
3. DON’T wear flashy jewellery. In fact none is best. Ok, maybe a watch.
4. DO roll up sleeves or pant hems for a relaxed vibe.
5. DON’T wear bright lipstick.
6. DO opt for a neutral elegant colour palette with just a flash of colour.
7. DON’T wear anything with a metallic thread, sequins or bling. Leave that on the Jersey Shore.

Step 3: Get (UN) Groomed

1. Hair: brace yourself, you probably won’t hear me saying this again. Messy, unkept hair is the key. A 2 day old blow-dry worn out, wavy and loose is the perfect hairstyle for casual chic. If it’s really dirty, just plonk a hat on top.
2. Makeup: A slick of gloss and mascara is all that’s needed. A full face of war paint might be “expensive”, but “casual” it ain’t!
3. Nails: the same mani and pedi rules always apply. NEVER wear chipped, grubby or worn polish. EVER. Better to go nude than chipped. Well manicured hands and toes are the key to pulling off a relaxed yet elegant look.

So call Kate and Clemence, tell them to meet you for a coffee at your nearest cool cafe. The new IT Girl has arrived. And she’s got their recipe for chic effortless style.

By Alex Perry
Alex Perry Facebook


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