Cheese and Wine Pairing

Sarah Limacher

Wine Expert

Cheese and Wine can be a match made in heaven but there’s a common misconception that a good old glass of red goes with all cheeses but with such a wide variety of cheeses which all have their own unique flavours, textures and personalities its a shame to not serve a wine alongside it deserving of its company! I adore cheese and of course adore wine so here’s a few of my favourite cheese and wine pairings that will leave you in cheese and wine heaven.

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Fresh Feta and Tyrrells Part and Parcel White blend 2015, Hunter Valley, NSW

One thing I love about the wines from Tyrrells is that even with an incredible history and a winery full of classic wines they are always looking to innovate and explore new and exciting concepts … enter the Tyrrells ‘Part and Parcel’  a blend of Semillon, Chardonnay, Gewurtztraminer & Verdelho. Some gorgeous opulence and texture here that cuts a little of the creaminess but pairs well with the freshness and zestiness of this cheese.
Blue Cheese and Late Harvest Semillon
Blue cheese is salty and spicy. This saltiness can really overwhelm some wines leaving them tasting bitter and bland. A little sweetness is required and this is the perfect example of opposites attracting, The saltiness in the blue cheese helps to effectively increase the perception of sweetness in the wine. Late Harvest Semillon also has gorgeous natural acidity and is such a lovely way to finish a meal and one of my fave matches with a great piece of blue.Sarah‘s Pick: Scarborough Late Semillon 2012, Hunter Valley, NSW $20


Brie and Champagne
Brie is a super popular cheese, its has a lovely creaminess and smoothness so needs something lively and fresh to cut through its creaminess. It also for me sometimes has a mushroom character to it also. When I eat brie I think a lovely glass of fresh, fruit driven champagne is great,  the bubbles and freshness help cut that richness and the pinot noir component helps compliment the mushroom character. Champagne works even better with brie if you serve it with some lovely crunchy slices of fresh apple or pear.

‘s Pick: Moet et Chandon Brut Imperial NV, Champagne, France $48.99
Sarah‘s Tip: You do pronounce the ‘T’ on Moet …  it Mow – et not Mow – ay

Goats Cheese and Sauvignon Blanc 

A gorgeous slice of fresh goats cheese comes alive with a nice glass of Savvy, its a favourite food and wine match of the Loire Valley in France. The grassy, zesty and citrus charactes match well with the acidity of goats cheese. This a nice way to enjoy cheese and wine at the start of the meal or as a little canapé as its loaded with refreshment.

‘s Pick: Te Whare Ra Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Marlborough, New Zealand $26.00


Cheddar with Cabernet Sauvignon or a cleansing ale

Cheddar is a super versatile cheese, its got a great bite too it that needs a wine with a little bite to pair with it. I like something rich with generosity of fruit and chewy tannins, Cabernet Sauvignon from regions like the Coonawarra or Margaret River are nice options, if you can find something with a little bit of age on it even better. Alternatively take the traditional ploughmans lunch beverage of choice and pair cheddar with a refreshing beer, a traditional style ale or stout is a great way to go.

‘s Picks: Cherubino ‘Margaret River’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2013, Margaret River, Western Australia $75
Sarah‘s Picks: Young Henrys Real Ale, Newtown, Sydney $35 per 12 pack cans



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