Meet The Super Naturals: The New Wave Of Clean Beauty is Scientific & High-Performing

Natural isn’t new. In fact, we’ve been exploring the world of natural beauty for almost a decade now. But never before has natural beauty been so scientific, high-performing, and, well, interesting. 

From hemp to plant-based squalene to niacinamide, the natural ingredients game has stepped up its game, and brands here and overseas are creating clean products that are so good even the most hardcore beauty aficionados are making the swap. 

High On Hemp

If you’ve stepped virtual foot into an online beauty store or pharmacy lately, you’ve probably noticed hemp products everywhere. In fact, here in Australia, the hemp market is set to grow 900% over the next 12 years. 

We spoke to Joao Paulino, Senior Product Developer for Swisse Beauty and a Pharmaceutical Sciences expert, about the benefits of hemp for our skin. “The hemp oil extracted from the seed of the Cannabis sativa plant is a rich source of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. These substances help strengthen the skin barrier, making it more resilient and less prone to irritation and premature signs of ageing.”

And it doesn’t stop there, “In addition, the oil itself acts as an effective natural emollient, softening the skin and giving it a rich feel. It’s well suited to dry skin, which suffers from lack of water and “cracks” – open spaces in-between skin cells. The oil helps to fill those gaps, making your skin smoother and more supple.” 

Some of the other high-performing trending ingredients in 2020’s skincare scene have been actives and acids, not all of which are safe for sensitive skin. Hemp is taking center stage because it DOES have a place in almost anyone’s skincare regime. Matthew Stiegler, founder of Aussie brand Cannabella, says, “Hemp, being non-comedogenic and with super anti-inflammatory properties, is ideal for use on and to treat acne, reducing irritation and inflammation. It has the correct compounds to alleviate redness, promote healing, and regulate oil production, while keeping the skin and pores clean and hydrated”.  

RESCU’s Hemp-Powered Favorites

Swisse Beauty Hemp Seed Enriching Face Oil 

The Swisse Restore Range features hemp seed oil as a lead ingredient with, as Paulino shares, “additional moisturising ingredients that work to support and enhance healthy-looking skin, namely shea and cocoa butter, macadamia and sweet almond oils, and others. These skin-friendly ingredients work in synergy to deliver hydration, protect and strengthen our skin’s barrier – and ultimately as a good strategy to help prevent premature signs of skin ageing.”

We love the Hemp Seed Enriching Face Oil. It combines raw, cold-pressed, 100% Australian Hemp Seed Oil, with a potent blend of enriching plant oils to provide intense hydration and improve the appearance of dehydrated skin. 

Available at Chemist Warehouse, Coles, Priceline, and more. RRP $26.99

Cannabella Hemp Jelly 

Cannabella, is an Australian brand which was originally created by Matthew Stiegler in 2017 after his mother was diagnosed with cancer and saw her skin become dry and irritated as a result of the chemotherapy. Hemp, he discovered, was the solution, and he created a curated range of just six products, each containing un-filtered hemp oil to preserve the healing properties of the oil through processing. 

The hero in the lineup of six is the Hemp Jelly, a multi-purpose healing balm that soothes, nourishes, protects the skin. Use it as a lip balm, overnight face mask, cleanser, or even a salve for sun burn, rashes, and wind burn. 

Available at, RRP $62 

The Super Naturals

It doesn’t end with hemp. There’s a new slew of super naturals floating around the beauty sphere, and more than a few have made their way into our regular rotation. Let’s take a look.

RESCU’s Favorite New Naturals 

Biossance Omega Repair Cream

Known for pioneering the first renewably sourced, 100% plant-based squalane, the mega- moisture molecule that keeps skin healthy and hydrated, Biossance launched overseas in 2015. This year, the brand found its way to Australian shores, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

We love the Omega Repair Cream, a rich and decadent moisturising cream that includes Biossance’s famous plant-based squalene oil alongside hyaluronic acid, omega fatty acids, ceramides, and more. 

Available at RRP $91.00 

Ellus & Krue EPI-gN Serum

Newly launched Aussie skincare brand, Ellus & Krue have a range of seven products containing natural active ingrdients that help prevent premature ageing, protect skin from environmental pollutants, and repair and nourish damaged skin. 

The EPI-gN Serum is the hero product of the range, and a RESCU Editor favourite, with a powerhouse of antioxidants that deeply penetrate and support cell renewal to assist skin barrier repair and help reduce the signs of ageing.

Available at RRP $208.00 

Mere Resilience 8 Bio-Illuminating Face Oil RRP $62 

Another Aussie brand, Mere, prioritise high-performance formulas that cohesively work with our skin’s natural ecosystem. Their natural formulations use home-grown ingredients like Kakui Oil and Kakadu Plum Oil. 

Our favourite? The Mere Resilience 8 Bio-Illuminating Face Oil — a powerful blend of 8 super-absorbable oils, multiple forms of vitamin C, and bio-active CoQ10 that work in synergy to repair skin and dial up the dew. 

Available at, RRP $62.00 

Alkira Skincare Hydra+ Hydrating Facial Oil

Created by beauty entrepreneurs and siblings Alison Goodger and Simon O’Conner, Alkira Skincare is a vegan-friendly natural brand that uses Australian native extracts that provide a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and regenerate skin cells.

This light-weight facial oil is infused with Australian natives Kangaroo Paw (rich in essential fatty acids) and Macadamia (emollient rich) to deliver dual-action hydration, as well as argan oil, avocado, sweet almond and evening primrose oils to leave the skin soft and glowing.

Available at, RRP $19.95

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