Could a Non-Surgical Face and Eye Lift be A Reality?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s pretty clear that non invasive cosmetic procedures have become the norm vs a naughty little secret reserved for celebrities and ladies who lunch.

In Australia, lasers have been the gold standard in skin rejuvenation for the past 20 years however the technology has not necessarily changed as dramatically as time would suggest. In a quest for skin perfection and turning back the hands of time, Sia Hendry has researched devices, skincare and all available modalities that can be cleverly deployed before the need to go under the knife.We were invited to road test the latest technology uncovered by Hendry, who leaves no stone unturned when it comes to finding solutions for her long list of devoted clients. It was not hard to say yes to Thermique, a new technology she describes as being a true contender to ablative CO2 and fractional lasers, both of which we’ve experienced and both of which have significant down time and discomfort. According to Hendry, “ Thermique is an ideal treatment for the 40+ client who wants to age naturally and is looking for an alternative to cosmetic injectables and surgery”.

We asked Sia to describe this technology and why she’s committed to it for her practice, You by Sia.

“The Thermique device cleverly uses heat on the skin to create a wound response but without the pain and aggressive ablation, as experienced with fractional, CO2 lasers.

What makes this treatment safe and effective for eye area, in particular eyelids and crepiness is that it is  not a laser, so there is no risk or danger to the eyes. It is completely safe for around the eye area right up to the lash line.To get the best results I recommend four treatments with 3-4 weekly intervals. This treatment also improves pore size and skin clarity as the skin is put into its wound repair response, skin will produce new collagen and elastin and replace the existing damaged connective tissue with new skin. This results in visibly refined pores, brighter skin complexion and refined lines”. 

Not satisfied with skin care systems and brands to support her clinical treatments, the ambitious and scientifically inclined Hendry created her own skincare brand Clinicals. The Dermally Active Skincare collection is a short sharp edit of products with high concentration of actives that promise visible results within two weeks. Having road tested these during the treatment process, we can attest to the products ease of use and fantastic results that were visible under the woods lamp.

Hendry is justifiably proud of her creation and credits Clinicals skincare as being a huge component of the results experienced by her clients.

“Clinicals uses high potent active ingredients, in the correct percentages and correct forms. The range focuses on calming inflammation and repairing and assisting with the skin regeneration process. The range includes vitamins, minerals, peptides, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.” 

RESCU road tested a Full face Thermiqe treatment including lower eyelids and brow lift, which cost $1500 per treatment.  Upper, Lower and Brow Lift are priced at $1100 per treatment. Clients can experience single or package of treatments and there is the option to use AfterPay.

See below the before and after results after only 4 weeks post Thermique and Clinicals skincare on our Editor Bahar Etminan.

The improvement in pore size, the visible brow lift and the improvement of skin firmness particularly under the eyes and nasal area is fantastic. The contour of the cheeks has also helped define the jowl area and give an overall improvement in skin firmness and glow.


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