Craft Essentials for Fun Activities with Kids

There are so many craft ideas for children available online these days that it’s difficult to choose just one. Because crafts are so adaptable to different ages, abilities and tastes, even one simple project can have multiple methods or outcomes and really, your own imagination (and the imagination of the kids you’re doing crafts with) is the only limit!

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You only need to walk into a good craft supply store like Spotlight to realise just how many art and craft options there are, but don’t feel like you have to have a great deal of experience or buy huge amounts of supplies or equipment to get in on the fun. Even the most complicated and expensive looking craft projects usually have cheaper and less complicated alternatives that look just as good, which is great for kids crafts. You’ll quickly realise that doing crafts with kids is all about having fun, coming up with innovative ideas that you can adapt to the materials you have and experimenting.

For the best results, kids crafts should be easy and quick, requiring only a small number of materials and equipment. They should also offer fast results, as kids don’t like waiting for hours to see the results of their efforts. Alternatively, you could make art or craft into a game, such as these fun toy and game projects from Spotlight. For instance, the kids will love creating hangable artworks created from throwable paintballs or paint-filled water balloons! To make things easier to choose, we’ve compiled the must-have craft essentials for fun activities, below:

Art and drawing

Art is one of those things that kids can enjoy with just a pencil and a piece of paper, but you can also make it an elaborate experience too. Pencils (lead and coloured), crayons, chalk and coloured paper are essential kids art tools, while watercolour and acrylic paints are perfect for expanding little minds and creating tactile experiences while decorating art and craft projects. Spotlight has an amazing array of drawing and painting supplies that are perfect for arts and crafts for kids of all ages.

Craft kits and supplies

Other supplies you’ll need for a fun craft experience include a range of white and coloured construction papers and cardboards, foam sheets, glue and glitter… lots of glitter! Other things the kids will love include:

Cotton balls – these can be used with glue for clouds, bunny tails, Santa beards and so much more. Coloured cotton balls increase the creative possibilities.

Chenille sticks – Chenille sticks are amazing for kids to use, as they can be used alone or with other materials to create an almost unlimited range of creations.

Yarn and other fabrics – these can be used for knotting, tying around objects as decoration or to secure something, glued onto paper or card to make interesting textured artwork, as hair on a peg doll and so much more.

All of these kid’s craft supplies can be found at Spotlight, along with so, so much more.


Whether your kids are at school or not, all kids love fun stationery and it’s a perfect addition to their art and craft supplies. You can make the regular work more fun by using exciting products or even getting crafty and decorating your own stationery. Again, Spotlight has an amazing range of kids stationery supplies that children will absolutely love.

Regardless of what arts and crafts you choose or which supplies you use to make them, your children will adore spending quality time with you and creating memorable items that you can both treasure.

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