Delta Goodrem Reveals Her Favourite Beauty Products

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

So in case you haven’t heard, superstar singer and The Voice Australia coach, Delta Goodrem (32) just recently launched her first fragrance, ‘Delta’, and I had the pleasure to sit down and chat all things beauty with this beautiful soul.

We all know Delta as the barefoot, piano playing singing sensation, Australia’s sweetheart and glamazon, known for her infamous thick and textured hair, paired with a bronze smokey eye, she very rarely gets it wrong and we love her for it!

With fashion and beauty being such a big part (and love) of Delta’s life, there is no surprise she has joined the Celebrity Fragrance arena and little did I know just how much a scent means to Delta, being apart of her prep ritual for any performance.


Let me take you into the world of, Delta!

Michael Brown: So Delta, congrats on your fragrance launch, this must be an exciting time for you?

Delta Goodrem: Thank you, it’s been a great few years, so this has been the cherry on top and it is exciting. I don’t have much product or focuses outside of music, as I have kept very true to that area, but the timing felt right and I think smell is something that captures a chapter with emotion attached, which can take you back to a certain time or memory and I love that it can mean more than just spraying something on ourselves to make us smell good, but actually take us somewhere and change our mood.

Michael Brown: Did you have an immediate vision when first approached about producing your first fragrance and was it a long process?

Delta Goodrem: The process was actually really quick, we are all movers and shakers and get things done! I think when you are in the right place in life, everything comes together well and this was the case here with a clear vision and it felt natural and organic.

Life presents you with little signs, and I knew this was the right timing, so everything just fell into place beautifully and I wanted the fragrance to feel authentic to me and my life at this moment.

My vision was very clear. On my days off I’m pretty much a white T –shirt, black jeans, sneakers and gold Jewelry kinda girl. Everything is gold, black and white; even my handbags are black and gold, it’s just very me, so I knew the design would have to be gold.

I love fragrances, so I knew the bottles that I have loved over the years with helped with my inspiration process. It needed to be aspirational. But still apart of someone’s everyday life and it can’t be too sweet or too bold either, I wanted the everyday women to make this apart of their everyday life, but also a touch of Lady Boss in there!

Michael Brown: Was there something, or somewhere that you drew inspiration from for this project?

Delta Goodrem: My whole house is full of dream catchers, I have collected them on my travels around the world, I love what they represent and take me back to that place in time.

The feathers also represent wings, which was a big career moment in my life, hence why I have a feather charm that comes with the bottle and I think people know the song Wings and it’s another little part of me – These wings were made to fly!

I really wanted this fragrance to be authentic to me and it especially melts my heart when I see the younger ones with their little feather chars on from the fragrance.

Fragrance for me is actually the last thing I apply before a big performance. It sets the moment, like a little ritual and I love the uplifting mood fragrance can bring! – Delta Goodrem

Michael Brown: Beauty in general is a big part of your life with performing and often, for television can be long hours wearing a made up face, what is the off-duty Delta all about?

Delta Goodrem: I have had hair and makeup professionally done for me since I was a teenager, so if I was going to try a new trend or mix it up, I would definitely be more confident for them to play.

I generally wear my hair out when performing and love a dark eye, usually in bronze tones and big lashes.

Off-Duty me, is pretty basic, I love to give my skin a break and for hair, it’s either that messy, bed head look, or a textured pony/up do, or a slick bun – basic!
You’ll never see me try and curl my hair, as my team does it so well; I just leave it to them.

I really love makeup looks and colours!

The Charlotte Tilbury brand is exciting me right now, but everyday is different and I love the colours of the whole rainbow, so for me it’s a mood thing, for what shades I would try. I am definitely attracted to golden warm tones but play it up every now and then.



Fave Makeup – Egyptian Magic Cream, YSL Touche Eclat highlighter and Dior Shocking Mascara

Fave Hair Product– Oribe & David Mallett

Fave Skin Treatment – Omnilux

Fave Beauty Product in General – Shu Uemura Lash Curler – Opens the eyes to the soul!

Fave Fragrance – Delta of course!!

*Delta fragrance is available now at Chemist Warehouse


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