Designer Inspiration for Your Home with UK Design Duo

They’re the Scottish design duo taking over our homes one room at a time. Colin and Justin have been transforming homes for the last decade, taking ordinary homes and adding their own flair to make them extraordinary.

Since appearing on their first TV show, Summer Discovery, the pair have gone from strength to strength, making over countless houses and travelling the globe to lend their expert eye to renovators everywhere. Not afraid of a little DIY, their latest venture is making over a log cabin into a designer cottage deep in the rocky mountains of Canada.

When it comes to turning something drab into a little more fab, Colin and Justin have 5 tips for an easy, stylish and timeless makeover that can be done on any budget:


1. PLAY WITH COLOUR: Think about how you want it to affect your mood, how it will transform the energy in that room, or whether it calls for a pop of colour or all over wash. Be daring!

2. HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY: ‘Often people say to us ‘Ooh that was a bit harsh…’ and we say to them ‘But do you agree?’. Invite friends over, get a second opinion. Chances are you’ll see the bigger picture when hearing it from a trusted friend.

3. HOME IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT: The biggest let-down (and catalyst for home renovation!) is living in a space that is not representative of who you are. Put a little piece of you in every room you live in.

4. TAKE FROM TRENDS, DON’T COPY: ‘It’s like fashion, you’re not going to walk down the street in couture…’ Find a look you want to replicate and pick a few elements. Going all in with a trend is an easy trap, and 12 months later may very well be an outdated look.

5. PLAN IT OUT: Before taking your inspiration from the shelves of that homeware shop, sit down and plan exactly what you want each room to look like, and what you want in it. This will assist with shopping, and that all important budget.

We sat down on the RESCU couch with Colin and Justin for a home styling debrief. Watch below for their expert advice:

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