Embrace A Cosy Home Decor

With the change of season well underway, we asked ​Porter Davis Homes ​Queensland Lead Interior Designer, Janelle Miles, what her top tips were for transitioning your home decor from cool to cosy this season.

1. Get back to nature with earthy neutrals

Decorating with natural furniture and accessories helps bring a sense of serenity to your space. The shift toward sustainable and eco-friendly designs in 2019 makes it much easier to find one of a kind pieces that offer unique character but also have a purpose. Earthy elements and tones are a great addition to any room and can be as easy as adding a wooden feature table to your living area, or a jute rug to a bedroom. ​Try styling with autumn branches, sticks and less structured, more organic floral arrangements to bring out the autumnal feel in your home.

2. Metallic accents add a touch of Glamour

In the last few years there has been a heavy focus on matte and copper accents, however, autumn 2019 will see a move towards truer golds, brushed bronze and gunmetal, a look that reads sophistication. Focus on key pieces within a room that double as art, like furnishings with gold accents or something a little more daring like a gold lamp in a bedroom. This trend is sure to add some glamour into your home.

3. Add texture and warmth with a throw

Autumn marks the move from summer to winter and with temperatures finally starting to drop, why not experiment with textured throws to generate warmth throughout the house. Try chunkier, decorative knits in common areas and mix with something a bit softer in the bedroom.

4. Inject the colours of autumn into your abode

There’s much to love about the rich hues of the autumnal colour pallet. From burnt orange to mustard and olive green, there is a colour to compliment any style this season. Terracotta is considered the ‘new kid on the block’, connecting indoor and outdoor spaces beautifully, while nature-inspired hues such as ​a Green Scene Palette is perfect for bedrooms. If you are really looking to transform your space, consider contrasting colours like navy blue, merlot and grey.

5. Think outside the box with clashing prints and fun decor

Patterns will continue to inspire autumn interior design, with an emphasis on animal prints and florals. When contrasting prints and textures, be sure to start small as this trend requires a balancing act. An easy way to start is by mixing and matching textures and tones in a neutral colour palette and then adding pops of pattern via cushions, vases or floor rugs. Embrace the wallpaper trend and consider a patterned feature wall in your living area. For the bedroom, try bed sheets with a floral pattern or block colours in the autumnal colour palette.

6. Keeping on trend with plants

Indoor plants have become extremely popular especially with people living in densely populated urban areas who are trying to bring life into their home. The theme for indoor plants this season is ‘bigger is better’. Fiddle leaf figs are a great place to start if you are not an avid gardener, as they work well in any space and require minimal care during the cooler months. This season, try to group plants with the same colour leaves together and use eclectic vases and pots in autumnal tones. Utilise your plants as a space saver by hanging your jewellery on them!


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