The 6 Must-Have Items To Take On Holiday

You’ve planned the ultimate summer holiday, but don’t know what to pack. If the thought of a last-minute weekend away sends you into a packing meltdown, we can help. After all, surprise weekenders should be about romance, escape and stress relief – not fraught with fashionable concern

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To avoid the pressure of last-minute packing, follow this simple plan:

The essentials

First, you need to have the basics covered. While it may seem obvious, finding yourself in a secluded location will be more repulsive than romantic if you’ve forgotten your toothbrush.

A basic kit of toiletries, underwear and sleepwear is a must, and will determine the available space left in your case for your outfits.

Something casual

Your favourite pair of jeans and a couple of T-shirts are the key to comfort, but don’t be too casual about their selection or your holiday happy snaps could look a little sullen.
Stick to one or two t-shirts with a great cut. By packing a blazer, you can add a little sophistication, while maintaining relaxed comfort, and a blazer is equally fit to be worn over blouses or dresses.

Something special

You should devote space to one special item for evenings out. A classic black dress is an obvious choice, but don’t be afraid to go bold or bright – the real key is being fold friendly.
Weekends are too short to be slumped over the iron – if there is even one available – so pack a dress that isn’t prone to creases.

A great trick is to pack the dress on a hanger so you can hang it in the bathroom when you shower; the steam is a natural iron alternative.

Something sexy

It’s a romantic weekend after-all, so why not pack your own surprise. Lingerie won’t take up too much of your precious packing space, but it could prove a very worthy inclusion. And, if you’re happy to evoke a little retro Madonna, it could double as evening wear!

The extras

Swimwear and a sarong are a safe inclusion to be sea or spa ready. Bathers can also double as a bodysuit alternative, and when correctly tied, a sarong can alternate as a dress or skirt.

A light scarf for summer or woollen for winter can be used to add colour and variety, and some of your louder – though never expensive – costume jewellery can add enough drama to lift your more casual outfits.

Handbag selection is also important. It’s preferred that your hands will be free to hold his, so a handbag that has a long enough strap to sling across is a good choice; just make sure it’s large enough to hold your camera and other holiday essentials.

Fabulous footwear

If it’s a warm weekend, select a pair of stylish sandals, or uber-comfortable flats. Warm weather normally means being out and about, so comfort is the key here; and holiday destinations are typically more relaxed, which means you can be too when it comes to footwear.

If it’s winter, black boots can be a saviour. They are equally good for romantic dinners as they are under or over jeans on romantic strolls, and are flexible enough to suit most outfits – plus they will keep your calves warm.

As they do take up some room, try wearing your boots when travelling instead of packing them – it can make a big difference to your load.

Stick to this list and your packing will be stress free. And, if you can manage it, a little spare room for some holiday shopping never goes astray!


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