3 Easy Glamour Steps with Alex Perry

Easy glamour … Does it mean picture perfect? How can we achieve a laid-back glamour that doesn’t require too much fuss? For work. For dinner. For dinner out.

Now, what I’m about to say may shock you.

I usually profess that glamour takes hard work, time and dedication. And that particular “va-voom” brand of high voltage glamour IS hard work. That’s why sometimes we all need a day off and glamour needs to be, well … EASY.

Whilst we all ache for picture perfect glamour, sometimes it’s just not always that (ahem) … practical. There are moments in life when we don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours perfecting a high maintenance look.

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Armani is the undisputed King of laid back glamour, and like all Masters – he makes it look easy. But it’s not. Achieving relaxed glamour without much fuss is an art form. But don’t fret my Glamor-istas … here is my Easy “How To” on Easy Glamour … for work, the weekend and for dinner out.

Think like a fabulous wealthy countess with a devil may care attitude. Luxuriate, recline and relax … let me do all the glamour work.

The Easy on Easy Glamour…

– Select classic pieces that are well cut, made from quality fabrics, aren’t too tricky or trying too hard.

– Keep colour palette neutral, or Black and White. Tone on tone works brilliantly to evoke a sense of calm, control and effortless grace. Think subtle shades of bisque, beige and almond; stone, greige and slate. Ditch the jarring colour and wild crazy prints that scream “trying too hard”.

– Ensure a relaxed, easy fit. Nothing should be too tight, clingy or restrictive. Silhouettes should be body skimming, rather than full body brace. Save the corset and Spanx for red carpet moments. Comfort (there – I said it!) is the key.

– Go for tactile fabrics that feel soft, silky and luxurious. Super fine wool knits that caress, lustrous satiny trims, soft peachy satins, ethereal georgettes that flutter. Above all, Jersey is your cosy and comfy best friend on the road to Easy Glamour.

– Keep accessories bold, uncluttered and unique. Wear one piece of jewellery but make it fabulous. Organic forms in natural materials won’t jolt. Steer away from bling – this is the ONLY time you will hear me say this. This is also the ONLY time EVER you can be excused from wearing a heel [although a tiny kitten heel would be great if you can manage it, thank you]

–  Good grooming will save you from looking like an unkept bag lady. Remove polish if it’s chipped, dry hair naturally and finish with a styling product to keep away the frizzies, keep makeup minimal with a heavy mascara and lick of lip-gloss. A light dusting of bronzed will perk up a dull complexion and give your skin a glamorous glow.

For Work

The classics will sort it out – enter the White Shirt and Tailored Black Trouser. The key to keeping this look laid back rather than stitched up, is the fabrication. Steer away from crisp and sculpted; instead think soft and draped – a tailored wide leg slouch pant made from the finest wool faille falls effortlessly over the leg. Pair with a white crepe-de-chine blouse that folds like liquid and gently buttons low, framing a bold pendant. Tie hair loosely in a low side pony finished with a ribbon. Ballet flats and a large sized shopper handbag complete a cool and breezy day at work.

For The Weekend

It’s hard not to look scruffy whilst relaxing, but at some stage you will need to climb out of your PJs. Your favourite weekend “boyfriend” jeans should be a medium wash, flatter your bum and above all – be comfy. Or if you really can’t cope, Audrey Hepburn black leggings are a must. Wear them with suede ballet flats and ease into the ultimate glamour t-shirt made from luxurious silk jersey. Wrap yourself up in the timeless love of a long super fine knitted cashmere cardigan. Accessorise with a long skinny scarf, oversized sunglasses and newspaper-boy cap to add instant and effortless chic. Your cafe latte awaits.

For Dinner Out

This is not the time to drag out the sequinned fishtail gown. Lean back and enjoy a French Martini in decadent comfort, and make room to eat like a Queen. Team a fine silk satin harem pant with a lusciously loose tabard top, then drape a delicately embroidered evening wrap with long silky fringing over one shoulder. Add an armful of chunky resin bangles, tousle carefree bed hair, tuck a sleek envelope clutch under one arm and slip your tootsies into deluxe jewelled slippers. See – easy!

Ahhhh so we can all breathe a contented sigh of relief, and undo our top buttons. Easy glamour made easy, Perry style.

And not one single corset or stiletto in sight… chillax and enjoy.

By Fashion Designer Alex Perry
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