5 Fat Busting Moves That Work Fast

Sally Matterson

Fitness Expert

When your routine is out the window but you still want to feel good and get a good workout done this routine is one of the best from my Shredder Shock Workout series…

This workout is fast, can be done with no equipment at home or outdoors & will give big results.

ZERO equipment – SHOCK your body – LOSE fat fast

This circuit-based workout is designed to get the blood pumping and the heart racing.

It is quick, time effective & intense to speed up the fat loss process. Each workout takes under 20 minutes!

Complete stations 1 through to 4 four times through in less than 20 minutes or for time – that is, as fast as you can! This will get your heart rate up so you burn more calories and fat.

Sal’s quick tip

Ten seconds rest basically gives you the time to transition from one exercise to the next as fast as you can.


1: 100 skips (jump rope optional)


Jump rope!

If not using any equipment or you prefer not to use a rope, do a pretend skip.

100 reps, 4 sets, 10 sec rest


2: Bench burpee


Keep the arms shoulder width apart on the bench.

Lower the body down fast and explode into a jump-up. Jump the feet out, and then lower the body down to repeat the movement.

15, 4 sets, 10 sec rest


3: Box or step-jumps jump


Come into a semi squat, taking the weight into the heels then explode up, landing the feet onto the bench or box.

Step back down to the ground and repeat for 20 repetitions as fast as you can.

20, 3 sets, 10 sec rest


4: Lunge jumps (front foot elevated, alternating)

Elevate the back foot onto a step or a bench. Lower the body weight into the front heel and drive through the front leg.

Repeat 20 times on one leg, and then switch legs and repeat.

20 each leg, 3 sets, 10 sec rest


For more Shredder Shock Workouts go to – https://www.extremeshreddervip.com.au/shredder-shock-workout

I look forward to seeing you shred!


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