5 Tips For Instant Self Confidence

Ever wondered how some women seem to sail through life with style and confidence while others are wracked by self doubt and indecision? Ever wished that you had the ability to face life’s challenges with humour and a can do attitude instead of anxiety and fear? The secret to changing your life as you know it may be less than a few hours away. We caught up with selfconfidence and training expert Glenise Andersen of coaching company Self Confident Women to road test a course with startling results in less than 2 hours!


Coaching is a hot trend in personal development right now and it’s not just for executives and athletes. Mothers, students, teenagers and in fact anyone who wants to fast track the understanding of themselves and how to bring about change in their lives should consider the secret of top athletes and business moguls- a personal life coach.

Whether you are trying to get over a broken relationship or want to change your career, a little expert advice and coaching can be the difference between struggle and easy street. Self confidence comes from self understanding and the knowledge that we can actually affect change. We were curious to see if it is really possible to affect change, real change in a matter of hours.


RESCU Roadtest:

We were given the opportunity to select our own course from the menu of programs available at Self Confident Women. We were intrigued by the Extended Disc profiling tool teamed with a one on one personal coaching session. The Extended Disc profiling was a 10 minute questionnaire that was used to create our behavioural and communication profile. The results were astonishingly accurate and profound in unlocking our communication style, habits, weaknesses and areas for potential development. After completing the self paced online questionnaire, our results were analysed and a report provided. We were then given the opportunity via phone session with a Extended Disc master practitioner to have our results and report interpreted and the ability to walk through the very detailed and utterly fascinating report on what made us tick. Think of it as having you mind and behaviour mapped and calibrated on a scale against a sample group of thousands. From here, the report, a fast track to our inner workings, was provided to our “coach’ ahead of our session.

Self Confident Women work with a network of coaches so Glenise Andersen is in the position of ‘matching’ each client to the right and most appropriate coach for their needs. We loved this guidance and expert intervention, and importantly, we really connected with our coach. The coaching session was also meticulously planned and participative. Ahead of the session, we were asked to fill out a 7 page questionnaire so that our coach could accurately and effectively understand our goals and prepare accordingly. We were also provided with some post coaching ‘home play’ to do at our own pace to get even more insight from the session and as a tool to incorporate the learning from the session into our everyday life. A little preparation and self analysis cut out a lot of fluff and awkward moments in that session and the results, after only 1 hour, were very impressive.

We would not hesitate to recommend coaching to our RESCU readers as a powerful and effective tool for harnessing your potential and even changing your life- two things that truly develop your self-confidence. We can only imagine the benefit of completing the 3 full sessions with our coach.


Want to jump start your self confidence? Here are five expert tips from Glenise Andersen to try today.

1. Make Decisions
· Think outside the square to make decisions
· Reflect on what outcome you want and show discipline achieving them

2. Set Goals
· Remember your reasons why
· Be open to change
· Continue to learn and STOP multi-tasking

3. Reduce Negative Self Talk
· Practice the strategies to stop it in it’s tracks
· Know that your character creates your destiny
· Accept same way means same result

4. Time Management
· Clear up the clutter
· Choose one thing and complete it
· Acknowledge yourself

5. Create Work-Life Balance
· Simplify life and focus on the important stuff
· Get the work life balance right
· Understand family, health, friends and spirit are the priority

About Self Confident Women:

Self Confident Women offers self-paced programs online, with 12 modules which can be done individually, or together, in any order, using easy tried and tested steps, simple to follow workbooks, cd’s and the support of highly qualified trainers nationally, via Skype. Modules from the online store include Self Confidence, Decision Making, Goal Setting, Success and Happiness, and more.

Individual online modules are priced from $29, special self-confidence packages are available from $116 and the complete 12 step program starts at an affordable $350. To learn more you can visit www.selfconfidentwomen.com.au or call Glenise Andersen on 0418 482 450 for further information on personal or corporate programs.

RESCU readers are also invited for a limited time to download the FREE E-Book  ‘Women and Self Confidence – 12 Tips for Success’ at www.selfconfidentwomen.com.au/womenandselfconfidence

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