Four DIY Home Renovation Projects That You Can Be Done Over A Weekend

If you don’t have time for a big renovation job, and also want to do it yourself look no further. Founder of Restumping Melbourne, Sam shares his four DIY renovation ideas that you can complete over one single weekend and give your home a new look that will have your friends and family asking to know your secret.

coloured-front-doorimage via pinterest

Choose a Fun Colour for Your Front Door

This doesn’t need to be the brightest shade of pink or yellow, but your door is the perfect plot of real estate for a pop of colour. Chances are good that your home is a more demure shade, so it won’t look tacky or out of place. You can confer with your family or friends, or check out inspiration sites like pinterest, to determine what colour would look best for the style of your home.


image via pinterest

Build a Headboard

What’s the first room that you see in the morning and the last room before you go to bed? If you’re anything like us, you spend as much time in the bedroom as possible, specifically in bed. Look forwards to sleep time even more when you add a custom headboard to your bed. Headboards can be made of many different materials; They don’t cost very much, and they can be a really fun DIY project for a rainy afternoon. There are tutorials all over the Web, dependent on what materials you’re looking to use.

Research Lighting Enhancements

We can light up rooms with our personalities, but sometimes a new lighting fixture does the trick that much better. We’re not just talking about standing lamps or track lighting in the ceiling. And we’re not just talking about your basic yellow or white lightbulbs. Turn a room designed for relaxation even more tranquil, by looking at soft green or blue lights. Add brighter lighting to rooms that feel cramped, so that you can open them up as much as possible.

kitchen-backsplashimage via pinterest

Add a Backsplash to your Kitchen

You probably spend a lot of time in your kitchen. Whether it’s because you’re whipping up the newest summer salad, or whether it’s because you’re relaxing after a long day with loved ones, it tends to become a hub for your home. This means that you’re probably pretty used to its aesthetic. Mix things up with a fun backsplash. For those unfamiliar, the backsplash is the wall area between your counter and cabinets. You could choose a contrasting tile colour, or a fun wallpaper pattern. Neither takes much time for installation and are a fun way to leave your stamp on a room.


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